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If you would like to submit a blog post to be placed on this site, please write the post and email it to me at  I love to feature guest bloggers as long as your topic relates to ghosts, the paranormal or hauntings.  If you are a writer and would like me to place a link to your book, I will gladly feature the link beside your guest post.
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 If you have a book (doesn't matter if it's published by a small or large publishing company) and want it reviewed here, email me with a request. The book must be about the paranormal or horror/science fiction/fantasy. Fiction and nonfiction are both accepted.  I accept books in Kindle, Nook, and paper format. 
I am more than happy to place ads on this blog.   I charge $10 per advertisement.  Alternatively, I am happy to advertising exchanges as well.  If you have a book or paranormal related item you would like to advertise for, just let me know.  I am also more than happy to do link exchanges.  Contact me at for more information.


Haunted House said…
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Anonymous said…
Hello Ms. Penot,
I would love to write an honest review of your novels. I am an avid reader of anything ghostly. I was born in Alabama and most intrigued by your books and its historical aspect. Please consider allowing me to read and review some of your novels.

Ramona Sanford
Jessica Penot said…

Contact me at and we can talk more!

Jessica Penot said…

Contact me at and we can talk more!

I Know that ghost are real! I am writing an argumentive paper for school. these stories are evidence that ghost do exist.
Ron Augustin said…
I would like to write a guest post featuring on Haunted places in India. Currently I am a writer at Fear And You at Kindly revert to me soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Unknown said…
My best friend bought a house in the south side of my town and a few weeks after moving in he and his wife invited us to a housewarming party.
On the night of the party we showed up on time and brought some new dishes for their gift and a ice cream cake. We put the cake and the dishes in his kitchen and went into the living room and started to watch the movie the road. After about 10 minutes in we heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen and we all ran into the kitchen. We didn't turn on the light but used the light spilling in from the living and everything appeared to be ok. The dishes looked like they were fine and we assumed it came from outside. We went back to watching the movie.
After another 20 minutes we heard an even louder crash and ran into the kitchen and turned on the kitchen lights.
The dishes were fine but smeared into the icing of the cake was "I AM IN HEL".
My wife and I made an excuse and split. Over the next few months my friend and his wife heard crashing noises and felt cold spots from all over the house. They sold it shortly after. 7 years later my friend did a google search and found that a vicious gangster died there in the 1950's.

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