The Sanctuary

On my recent trip to New York, I stayed in a small boutique hotel off of Time Square called The Sanctuary Hotel.  It is small and lovely.  The décor draws from Eastern Inspirations and features Indian inspired and Buddhist themed art.  The rooms were small but comfortable.  The staff was very friendly and the lobby was quiet.  The food was good.

The hotel wasn’t haunted.  There is nothing online that says it is haunted.   I couldn’t find anything about its history online that would indicate the building has ever had anything remarkable happen in it.  It does have a wicked, wonderful Halloween party every year, but that is as spooky as it gets.  Despite this, for my three night stay, I was awakened every night at 3am by what sounded like someone trying to get into my room, entering in my room, and stomping across my room to fidget about with something in the corner.  I sat up. Nothing was moving.  I saw no signs of a haunting, but the noise was still there and it was eerily close.  The first night, I assumed it must have been the people in the room next to me.  That was the only explanation.  It was late.  I must have misjudged the proximity of the noise.  In the morning, I looked next to my room.  There was no room next to mine.  There were pipes.  The next night I got up and walked out of my room to see if someone just loved messing with the pipes at 3am.  You never know.  People are weird.   There was nothing there.  The last night, I ignored the noise.  It wasn’t going to hurt me and I have seen and heard creepier things in my life.  I still don’t know what the noise was or why it always happened at 3am.   Staff didn’t comment.  The only history I could find of the building was that it was built in 1935 and was once an apartment complex.  I would love to hear more if anyone knows more.


L. Shepherd said…
That hallway is creepy enough to assume the place is haunted, lol. Did you specifically ask the staff about the noises and if anyone else had had those experiences?
Jessica Penot said…
Yes. They were very apologetic but they didn't give any information.

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