The Ghosts of the Golden Gate Bridge


The golden gate bridge is one of the defining features of San Francisco.  No trip to the bay area would be
complete without a glimpse of this landmark.  During our recent stay, we found that really seeing the bridge is a rare gift, as it is always wrapped in a heavy fog that always seems to obscure a perfect view of this daring landmark.    Despite all of its scenic beauty and historic significance, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most haunting and haunted places in the world.

I didn't realize this until I was researching a story on Aokigahara, Japan.   Aokigahara is the notorious suicide forest at the base of Mount Fugi in Japan.  I had always thought it had the highest number of suicides committed there in the world each year, but I was wrong.  More people kill themselves by jumping from the scenic heights of the Golden Gate Bridge than any other place in the world.  The Golden Gate Bridge earned its name as one of the most popular suicide destinations in the world almost immediately.  The first jumper ended his life on this bridge ten weeks after it opened in 1937.  Since that time, it has averaged two jumpers a week.   The bridge claims the lives of its melancholy victims in one of two ways.  They either die on impact with the water since they often hit the water at 86 mph or they die from hypothermia in the icy, turbulent waters beneath the bridge. 

It isn't surprising that this killer bridge has amassed a large number of ghosts over the years.    According to The Haunted Bay (,  "The Golden Gate Bridge connects more than San Francisco and Marin County; it connects the world of the living to that of the dead. Since its opening in 1937, the 4,200-foot suspension bridge that spans San Francisco Bay has played host to on average 25 suicides per year, more than 1,000 suicides total"  This site tells the dark and haunting story of the bridge as predating the bridge itself.  It describes the ships that were claimed by the all consuming fog of the bay and the lives that were taken in these shipwrecks as the foundation upon which the darkness of the bridge began.  In fact, according to Seek Ghosts, phantom ship encounters are the most frequently told ghost stories associated with this haunted historic monument.   Visitors often describing seeing phantom ships in the mist.   They also report hearing the disembodied screams of the ghosts that lurk in the shadows.


Gatekeeper said…
Reminds me of the Brooklyn bridge.
sherry fundin said…
Thanks for sharing this very interesting post. I have never been there but I know it would be one of my first places to visit.
sherry @ fundinmental
Deb Atwood said…
I've traveled across this bridge many times but never thought about ghosts. I heard an interview with a jump survivor who said he regretted his decision the moment his feet left the bridge. So sad to think about.
Anonymous said…
Here are some stories you may like:
Scott C. Waring said…
I love that bridge, but its really high up. I got scared every time I crossed over it. 40 years ago I saw over 50 WW1 and 2 battle ships and destroyers parked down there. What a sight it was. the thousands.
Thanks for sharing the article with us
Unknown said…
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Kendra said…
Well, before Alcatraz was built, it was owned by the Native Americans whom only used it to exile their prisoners. They called it evil island for the dark entities that inhabited the land. Perhaps the GGB was cursed the moment it was built just like Alcatraz. I remember my experience when I was young. I was on vacation with my aunt,uncle, and sister visiting family out there. We walked over the bridge and at the half way point, I was overwhelmed by grief, loneliness, self worthlessness and anger at the world which was defiantly not me at the time. I started crying out of the blue. Nobody knew what was wrong with me. I had a sudden longing to jump over the the railing and end everything. My family just turned around and went home. After we got far enough away from the bridge I was fine.

It wasn’t until 10 years later that I learned that I was an empath. At the time I had no knowledge of the Golden Gate Bridge’s history nor any Idea what had come over me.

I was 10 years old when I experienced this event, I’m 38 now. I’ve never gone back to that bridge again nor do I ever intend to.

With what I know today about the surrounding area I wonder if all these people took there lives because they were at a low in life which the felt they had no way out of or is there a darker force at work? Either way I will never return there to find out. My experience left a lifetime impression on me.

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