The Playful Ghost of The Hotel Monteleone

 Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, LA
Last week, some friends of ours traveled to New Orleans.  They love this beautiful, historic city and they enjoyed their trip.  They also had an encounter with one of New Orleans most famous haunted locations.   They stayed at The Monteleone, one of New Orleans most haunted hotels.  They didn't book the hotel for this reason.  They booked the hotel because they had a Groupon.  Discounts may have brought them to the hotel, but the Groupon didn't protect them from the ghosts of this historic haunt. 

Our friends visited the hotel on a family vacation.  They are the typical family. There was a mother, father, and two daughters.  They have no particular interest in ghosts or hauntings.  They just enjoy traveling. When they traveled on the elevator together, they immediately noticed that the elevator always stopped on the 14th floor.  Being reasonable people, they assumed this was a technical difficulty.   The door would open on 14 and they would push the button and continue their journey. The problem continued, but they didn't let it hamper their enjoyment.  On the second day, they heard one of many ghost stories that floats about the historic hotel like dust.  They heard the story of a little boy who once visited The Monteleone with his family.   During their stay, the parents caught yellow fever.  They passed away and the boy was left orphaned.  They boys life went on.  He went to live with family and time passed.  Sadly, the boy died a few years later.  According to legend, the boy's ghost keeps returning to the Monteleone, however.  It is forever searching for his parents.  Apparently, the ghost believes that he can find his parent's spirtit where they died, on the 14th floor of the hotel.

When my friend's discovered this story, the cute technical difficulty suddenly became terrifying to their two daughters.  They were afraid of the 14th floor and wanted nothing to do with it.  So my friend decided she would investigate on her own.  She went up and down the elevator several times and without her daughters and the elevator never stopped.  She got out and wandered the halls and found nothing strange.   She felt safe taking her daughter's on the elevator again.  As soon as they got on, the elevator stopped on 14 again.  It waited there, as if calling to them.  The girls were mortified.  It seemed the ghost wanted them and was waiting for them.  The ghost wanted a friend. 


Deb Atwood said…
Sad but sweet story. I hope the girls weren't too scared!
Gatekeeper said…
I wonder why some hotels don't advertise such stories? It may bring in more business.
Unknown said…
It’s really an interesting story, even if a bit sad! This story reminds me of a fascinating website dealing with all paranormal issues that I recently found. There I watched numerous video interviews to people who faced anomalous phenomena but there was one in particular. It is about an old lady who tells what happened to her when she was a child and she used to play with a guy who turned to be… a ghost! This is the link (the interview is in Italian but it’s subtitled in English): .
Then there are other two videos about a medical doctor who saw his father and brother after their death. Great ones too! These are in English: e Ciao.

Mallory said…
It sounds like it was the ghost of Maurice Begere. Hotel Monteleone has a post about his story on their website:
Unknown said…
Uuummmm he'll no love New Orleans but I shan't be visiting nor staying at this! Huge fan of American Horror but not interested in meeting Lady Gaga this again!

Thanks but noooooo thanks!!!
Unknown said…
Uuuuuuummmmmm he'll naw, love New Orleans but I shan't be staying or visiting this! Huge fan of American Horror, yet this will not be the way I meet Lady Gaga & her minions...hahahahaaaa!!!
Unknown said…
According to the hotel's website, it is the little boy who died of yellow fever while he was with a nanny in the hotel room and his parents went to the opera. The parents returned every year hoping to see him and he eventually appeared and spoke to his mother.

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