The Moody Brick and The Accidental Witch

The Moody Brick is an old plantation house in rural Alabama.  Its bricks positively drip with ghost stories and old legends.  The ghost stories there are so thick you'd have to shovel them away to see past them.   According to local legend, the original owners of The Moody Brick weren't a very kind lot.   In fact, they were known for their cruelty.  They enjoyed torturing their slaves and their cruelty was so profound that it drew the attention of others.   The slaves there knew little peace until the Emmancipation Proclamation.   Although the proclamation freed them, in the South they were still slaves.  However, they were doe and it is said that they rose up in the middle of the night and killed their masters in their beds.   After, they fled into the night. 

The locals couldn't tolerate this act, however, and they hunted the slaves down and killed them all.  They hung them from an oak tree in the front yard.  This is all according to local legend and this legend also describes the ghosts of the slaves and their masters wandering the grounds of the Moody Brick looking for solace.  The factual history of  The Moody Brick isn't much more pleasant.  During the civil war, the building was taken by Union forces and used as a hospital.  The countless Union soldiers that died there are buried on the property.  The building has burned down and been rebuilt.  It has seen suicides and lynchings.  It sat empty and has now been redone and rumored to be filled with old ghosts and lost spirits.  Whether or not this is true, The Moody Brick intrigued me enough to set my novel, The Accidental Witch, in it's old bricks.  I renamed it, but the place is almost the same.

The Accidental Witch cam out this week. 

The Accidental Witch

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Vanessa Morgan said…
Congratulations on the new release.
Julie said…
Congrats on your new book. It sounds like an interesting story.

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