Halloween is Comming!

I am always slightly dismayed by how early Christmas decorations go up in stores.  It often seems like Santa finds himself sitting by skeletons before Halloween is even over and that bothers me.  Yet, the earlier Halloween decorations are up the happier I am.  The first signs of Halloween can be seen in my corner of the world and I am delighted.  I received my first Halloween catalogue yesterday.  Spirit Halloween is already setting up and Cracker Barrel has its Halloween display up. Old Time Pottery Barn has its front filled with pumpkins and ghosts and The Hallmark Stores are putting up their Halloween Trees.  Halloween is popping up everywhere and I have begun counting the days.  Here is a little peek at some of the Halloween fun I've found so far.


L. Shepherd said…
It does seem pretty early to see that. I'd much rather see that than early Christmas decorations, though.

What's weird is that I was cleaning out my library today and getting rid of stuff I know I'll never read. There was a lot! But hidden among the gems was one of your books. I have been meaning to get one of yours ever since I started following your blog, and I never realized that I already had one!
Jessica Penot said…
Yay! I'm glad you have one of my books. Which one?
L. Shepherd said…
Haunted North Alabama. It looks like a great one.

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