Demons in Detroit

I haven't been able to do my usual ghostly exploring lately. Real life has made me way to busy for the dead, but I have been able to do a lot of reading.  My latest read, Ghost of Southeast Michigan by Kristy Robinett, has been wonderful  fun.  I will tell one of my favorite stories from this book here and if you want to find the rest you'll have to check the book out yourself.

This story was called Demons in Detroit.  It is a simple tale that sounds almost too much like something from a horror movie, but the author investigated this case herself and claims it is real.  It is set in a lovely house on Cherry Hill across from Mount Kelly Cemetery.  According to the author, she met Mark and Connie at their lovely home outside of Detroit. The two had bought the house recently and loved it and didn't want to move.  However, since they moved into the house, they had felt an evil presence tormenting them.  At first, the presence revealed itself subtly.  Connie couldn't sleep.  She felt things push her or brush past her.  The couple had terrible nightmares.   But things quickly escalated,  all the knives in their drawers vanished, and Mark found them buried upside down in the backyard.  Other items would relocate.   Finally,  the couple decided to purchase some crosses to hang about the house to bless it.  The crosses always fell down.  The other pictures would stay up, but the crosses fell down.  One time when Connie was walking down the stairs,  something hot pushed her and left a burn mark on her arm.   Finally, the desperate couple called a priest to bless the house.  The priest walked through the house doing the blessing and when he left, he told the couple that something evil was in the house with them and they should leave.

The author says that the couple were finally able to free their home of the demon with the aid of a priest and a demonologist.  They still live there and have had a baby girl since then.


Julie Ferguson said…
Glad to see they are still living there but I am not sure I could have done the same.

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