Spells to Drive Away Ghosts and Prevent Hauntings.

This summer has been insane and my blog posts have become less and less frequent.  I apologize for that.  Work and life have kept me busy, but I always try to save some time for reading and working on my next book.  I am currently working on my next book about a witch.  This book has required more research than usual because I didn't know much about witchcraft.  One of the wonderful books I got was call The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes.  This is a wonderful book for me because I can find all kind of magical mischief for my protagonist.  It is also wonderful because it offers a vast collection of  spells and folk remedies to prevent and end hauntings from around the world.    I thought I would put a couple of these wonderful spells here for all those who are struggling with a haunting and looking for a supernatural remedy.  If you want more remedies, you'll have to buy the book because it has enough ghost away spells to clean out a cemetery.  These few are just the tip of the iceberg.

*  Get Away Ghost Bistort Spell
1.  Burn bistort, waft the fragrance through the home and reserve the ashes.
2.  Pour boiling water over the powdered herb.
3.  Sprinkle the bistort infusion throughout the home
4.  Sprinkle the ashes over thresholds
5.  Repeat regularly- at least once a week

* Mesopotamian Ghost Spell
1.  Braid a strand of unbleached wool and a strand of red wool together.  Use red wool that will not bleed into the other strand.  The finished strand should be long enough to tie around your forehead.
2.  Make seven knots in the braid, while focusing upon your desires. 
3.  Bind the braid around your forehead, while chanting an incantation like this:
      "Until red turns white and white turns red,
        that ghost that haunts me can't come back again."
4.  Sleep in the braid overnight
5.  Afterwards, carry it as a talisman, in a charm bag.

* Ghost and Poltergeist Protection Spell
1.  Maintain fresh bay laurel branches and leaves within the home
2.  Replace them as their green color fades

*Haunted House Prevention Spell
1.  Sprinkle a strong infusion of bayberry inside and around the perimeter of a house to exorcise existing ghosts and repel new ones.  For added power, asperge with a bay laurel branch.

* Rest in Peace Spell
1.  Place a small doll in a tiny coffin.
2.  Have a great send off for the doll.
3.  Bury the coffin in a remote area or in a cemetery.


Vanessa Morgan said…
I love books about witches, so your upcoming novel is already on my wish list :)
That book looks great! I'm fascinated by folk spells and remedies for banishing spooky things.

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