My Top Picks for This Year's Halloween Costume!

September is here and I can almost hear Halloween knocking on the door. Spirit Halloween opened its doors.  Halloween decorations are everywhere and all the early birds are beginning their Halloween plans.  I am one of those Halloween early birds and I am already plotting and planning for my Halloween costume.  Here are a few of my top choices.  What do you think?

Costumes Shown can be found at the pyramid collection,, new egg costumes, and The Lost Boutique on Etsy.


GhostlyGarden said…
I am so extremely jealous of Americans! I would give anything for the UK to celebrate Halloween just as much as you guys - there isn't a single Halloween decoration out in the shops yet, it isn't until October that stuff starts to leak through and even then half of it is really lame!

The only place worth going to for decorations is TK MAXX and they probably get their stock from America anyway! There are no big lawn displays either, just the odd pumpkin in a window.. I hate it!!! It is my dream to visit America around Halloween someday, just so I can celebrate it properly!

The only thing us Brirish celebrate to the fullest extent is Christmas.. there are already Christmas decorations out in most supermarkets and soon the adverts will start popping up on TV.. I really don't mind that though because it makes me feel all festive!

I would definitely go with The Corpse Bride costume!! x
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks Bella. I'm leaning towards the Corpse Bride myself. It is ironic that the British don't celebrate Halloween since all our histories say it was the Irish and British that brought it here. I guess we took it like we take everything and made it enormous when it was small.
Jeffery said…
I'm leaning towards the top photo! Some Fishnet stockings and a silver Tophat and it's very Rocky Horror Show!....Let's do the Time Warp Agaiiiiin!
My favorite, hands down, is the Evil Queen costume! At least she looks like the queen from Snow White and the Huntsman. I'm trying to figure out the lady wearing the fish skeleton. Maybe she's a zombie rising from a garbage can! :) Or maybe that's algae and she's rising from a lagoon?
Julie Ferguson said…
I like them all. The evil queen and zombie bride would be fun to go as at any Halloween event.
Jessica Penot said…
Jeffrey.. I love Rocky Horror, we've been talking about that a lot lately. I like the blue because it is a little sexy. I've never worn a sexy costume before.

Justine.. The official title of the fish is zombie fish and it comes with a costume for your significant other that is the zombie fisherman.

Adsila... I like the zombie bride and she's an etys costume so she'd be completely unique..

Everyone likes a different costume... This is going to make choosing even harder!
Unknown said…
Cool costume! I am looking for this kind of idea for the Halloween celebration. Glad that you've shared this to us. keep posting!

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Zena said…
Nice costume!Nice pictures to be present.glad that I saw this post and I can get idea with it for celebration.Thanks for share with us.
Mildred said…
WOW! Very nice costumes.It's great idea to celebrate halloween with this cotsumes.Thanks for sharing.

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