Wandering in the Shadows Mounds State Park

Mounds State Park is located in a tiny corner of Indiana by Indianapolis.  It is easy to drive by.  I would have passed this park by a thousand times over if it hadn't have been for the legend of the pudwudgies. I went to Mounds State Park searching  for the legend of the pudwudgies.  The folklore associated with Mounds State Park is more than just oral history, sighting of the legendary beings that haunt this state park persist to this day. Creature from Native America Folklore called pudwudgies are seen on a regular basis around this site. Pudwudgies are 2 or 3 ft high with large noses, fingers, and ears. They are grey and are sometimes said to glow. They are dangerous creatures that can transform into animals and are said to enjoy mischief and destruction and sometimes have been known to lure people to their deaths.  Interestingly, Pudwudgies are said to be able to control the ghosts of those they have murdered. Thus they can use their army of ghosts to create more mischief and cause more death. Regular sitings of the Pudwudgies and their ghosts are reported at the Mound State Park and I can't wait to visit and see if I can catch a glimpse of these mischief makers myself. 

I wandered through Mounds State Park looking for ghosts and legends, but what I found was soft grassy mounds and old growth trees that cast long shadows on soft grass.  I found a quiet place off the beaten path that hid behind bubbling streams and whispering woods.  The Great Mound was beautiful and quiet and it was easy to understand how the natives gave it religious significance.  The gently whisper of the breeze through the trees and the smell of the foliage lent a peace to the place that was completely otherworldly.  I wandered for a while looking for ghosts and pudwudgies in dark places.  My children chased fireflies in the dark, but we found nothing but the natural beauty of a lovely park.


Julie Ferguson said…
What an awesome place to visit. I would love to be on that path right now.
Ghosts and pudwudgies would have been an awesome find, but that park looks absolutely gorgeous regardless!

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