A Photographic Journey Through Piere Lachaise

Piere Lachaise is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This necropolis sprawls through downtown Paris with monuments of such exquisite beauty it is easy to forget you are in a cemetery. Wandering this cemetery is one of my favorite things to do in Paris. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of this otherworldly cemetery.


Unknown said…
So beautiful! They just don't make graveyards like they used too! ;)
Jessica Penot said…
Jim's grave isn't that pretty
What beautiful sculptures! I'm intrigued by the man who is holding a face in his hands. I wonder what that symbolizes?
Jeffery said…
It's a stunningly beautiful place isn't it Jess! I spent several hours myself wandering around. Jim Morrisons grave was covered in lipstick kisses and flowers back in 83 and there was outrage when it was finally cleaned up. The night tours stopped soon after due to vandalism tragically.
Jessica Penot said…
Justine... I believe that the man holding the face is old and the face itself is young.

Jeffrey... It really is beautiful. I think Morrison has to be moved soon. You have to pay regular rent to keep a boy there and his rent is almost up.
Julie Ferguson said…
Wow, those are amazing!

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