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I spent yesterday driving around Detroit. Its beauty still lingers in the shadows. Although much of the city has wilted and decayed, the architecture is still stunning in a way that would invite ghost stories and dark tales. I tried to capture a few photos with my phone, but didn't do a very good job. The last photo I took of one abandoned building was the most interesting. The picture didn't even look like a building. It looked more like an X-ray of someone's spinal cord. It is quite haunting.


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Appropriate considering Detroit was once the backbone of the auto industry. I used to love to visit sites dedicated to the old ruins of Detroit. You can do a search for old homes of Detroit pics too. Back in the day-what a beautiful city! Truly eerie to view the ruins now. Thanks for sharing ~*~Lisa
Woah! That last one is of a building? It seriously looks like an X-Ray! Do you know the name of the building in that picture? I'd like to see what it looks like normally.
Jessica Penot said…
Moonlit Stitch...Have you read the book called Deserted Detroit. It is a photo book with pictures of all the abadoned buildings. It is incredible.

Justine....It was a building off I-94 on the way to Wayne State University. No one knew its name. It was completely burnt out and empty. I wish I knew more now that I have this picture.

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