The Lady of the Lake

Huddled up against the shores of Lake Huron and tucked away in the shade of maple trees, there is a small cemetery. The cemetery is called Forester Cemetery and is the home of a lonely white lady ghost. The cemetery sits perfectly positioned to provide a perfect view of the great lake. The tombstones there are old and some have been broken and propped back up. Many of the markers have been so eroded that the names are gone. The wind from the lake has wiped away all traces of those who lie beneath them.

One of the many occupants of this quiet necropolis is named Minnie Quay. When Minnie was only fifteen years old, she fell in love with a sailor. She loved this sailor with a poignancy that only first love can offer. Her parents, however, did not share her passion. They forbade Minnie from ever seeing her beloved and told her that she could never expect to see her young beau again. Minnie was heartbroken. Her young man sailed away and died at sea. Minnie was so overwhelmed by grief she couldn’t bare it. She dressed herself in white and walked down to the shore of Lake Huron. She cast herself into the icy waters and died beneath its frigid surface. Her body washed up on shore and she was buried at Forester Cemetery. Since that time, people have claimed to see Minnie wandering the shores by Forester Cemetery. They’ve seen a tragic figure in white wandering the beaches looking out in hopes of catching on last fading glimpse of her lost love. Some even claim to have seen Minnie walking from the beach and through the grounds of the small cemetery by the lake, her cheeks stained with tears and her eyes desperate with grief.


Chills! Love your writing. I can feel lake wind! I just posted a couple pics of Huron this morning. I hope Minnie finds her sailor someday. ~*~Lisa
Unknown said…
Ty for the great stories. I don't think I have commented on one of your post before but I do love visiting your site and reading all the different ghost stories. Thank you for such a great site.
Such a tragic tale! It always makes me sad to think of ghosts like this, trapped by their own grief, and unable to move on. The imagery in this story is poignantly beautiful though, and I really love your pictures of the ornate headstones.
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks all. I am glad you liked this one.

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