The Naming of Lucien

Naming a child is always a challenge.  It involves months of debate and reviewing long lists of names.  There are fights with family members and long discussions.  Usually, this is not a very haunting process.  It can be tedious, but rarely haunting.  When you find that perfect name,  it is like a revelation.    The name feels right.   When we named our son, Lucien, we went through all these things and I felt that moment of revelation while I laid in my bed listening to my husband recite names from some Internet site about naming your child.  Lucien was right and I couldn't say why.  My husband and I were set.  The name spoke to us.  Everyone else thought the name was odd.    Many people said we were weird for choosing it, but the name called to us and it was ours and there was no changing it.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time know that my mother-in- law died over a year ago.  Since that time, we have felt haunted by her.   It isn't a negative haunting.   We just feel her sometimes.   Shadows move and the children hear her calling their names.  There are quiet whispers in the dark.   My mother-in-law was French and she died in France.  We keep her ashes on our fireplace.  Some time after we decided on naming Lucien, we cleaned out some old things and found my mother-in-law's favorite movie with her favorite name in it.    I had never heard of the movie before and my husband had completely forgotten about it.    The movie was Lacombe Lucien.   So, as I hold my little boy in my arms, I can't help but wonder if it wasn't her ghost whispering in our ear as we named our little boy.   I have to wonder if she didn't find a way of making sure her last grandson would know her even if he never knew her.  


I think Lucien is a lovely name, and what a wonderful connection your little boy now has to his grandmother!
Pam Morris said…
congratulations! I haven't been keeping up with things lately; so missed your news about the birth of your baby boy! glad to know that, despite the difficult birth process, everything seems to be well now. and I love the name Lucien!
Pale said…
Congratualtions! And what a great twist to the naming.

I don't think Lucien is weird at all. I think it's just foriegn to American ears. And you never know. Give it five years and it could be in the top ten (especially if a celebrity uses it, it appears in a popular tv show etc.) That's what happened when we named our son "Liam" ... nine years ago, every third person would look confused, say they'd never heard of that name or act like it was a nonsense word (For Pete's sake, it's just the Irish version of William.). Now I think it's in the top ten and it's beyond common. We were a little nervous (too strong of a word, really) at the time, wondering if it would be seen as 'too weird.' But we also had a moment where ... poof ... it was just right for both of us. And that was it. After the fact, the names always settle in to be just right as they make them their own.

All the best.
Rick said…
Yes, congratulations! Lucien is a fantastic name, full of dignity, power, and promes.
Jeffery said…
Being a believer in serendipity I like how things have a way of working themselves out for whatever reason...The fates watch over us I s'pose after all..Wishing you and yours well for the season my friend,be safe, be well!
Jessica Penot said…
Sorry to everyone for being slow to respond. I'm still recovering and the baby is keeping me up all night.

Little Gothic Horrors... I'm glad you like the name. Here is the South people seem to think it sounds too much like Lucifer.

Pam.. I haven't been keeping up on things well lately either so I understand missing a few things. I feel bad because I can't comment on your blog anymore, but I'm still reading it. Blogger is giving me a hard time.

Pale... You have a good point. Names are popular now that I hadn't even heard of ten years ago. Maybe everyone will be named Lucien in 10years.

Rick... Thanks!

Jeffrey.. I hope the fates are watching over us. I like to believe they are ;)

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