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Have you ever wondered how ghosthunters detect paranormal activity? Do they rely on tingling senses, or do they really gather evidence of interactions with the supernatural? Is it possible to record such interactions? Lisa Landolfi of Visions Investigative Paranormal (VIP) in Eastern Pennsylvania is a seasoned ghosthunter and medium who has written about her many experiences. Lisa is often called in to support other paranormal teams for difficult cases, where her gifts as a spiritual medium act as a tool to support a team in discovering answers for a client experiencing unusual experiences within a home or business. This article was one such case and not a case conducted by the VIP team.

She is also the author of an upcoming book titled “My Journey Through The Veil”. The following is an excerpt from her book. Read on to learn how ghosthunters detect paranormal activity, distinguish this activity from human or animal activity, and record such experiences.

Excerpt from “My Journey Through The Veil” by Lis Landolfi:

“The night sky was clear and filled with stars. The air hot and humid; there was no breeze to lend comfort to the Paranormal team as we prepared for another investigation of a private residence. The home was situated far off of a winding country road; lending itself to the isolation of the property. This house was an old country home full of the past and the present. The homeowners called in the team to help them to understand the strange occurrences the family had experienced within the home. They were frightened and needed reassurance.

A child within the home had an interest in the paranormal. She began to explore the home on her own using a K2 meter and an audio recorder. The K2 meter, also known as an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector, is often used by paranormal investigators to detect a magnetic field within an environment. It is believed that spirits manipulate the magnetic field causing fluctuations within the meter allowing the 5 LED scale to light up. Often this will occur in response to a question asked by an investigator.

The child explored her home in earnest and began to receive responses using the K2 meter. As she continued to explore the spirit world other strange things began to happen within the home. The family began to see shadows moving across the floor. An apparition of woman appeared within the doorway between the living area and the dining room. Upstairs in an attic bedroom, an apparition of a child spirit was seen within a closet. The house felt different, it sounded different and the family wanted to know that evil was not lurking within its walls.

As the team began to place an electronic net over the entire property; I began to explore the home in search of possible ‘hot spots’ where activity was occurring. Being a psychic-medium has given me sensitivity that allows me to receive images visually, sounds aurally, and physical sensations to electromagnetic changes within an environment.

I received many visions of past experiences within the home. I saw the death of an elderly man within the office area. I saw the shadow of a woman within the doorway of the living area. At the top of the stairwell, I was met with the vision of a thin balding man wearing a gray suit jacket and gray pants. The air pressure within that area was tight and thick. Within one bedroom I watched shadows quickly come in and out of a window and out into the hall. In the attic bedroom, the vision of a young girl with long dark hair, sat in a fetal position with her arms wrapped around her legs while her head lay upon her knees. As I shared this information with the family, they confirmed that indeed my visions were correct and these were the exact experiences that the family had endured.

I was informed that central command was ready. The computer screens held live visual feeds of various rooms throughout the home. Outside the Stealth Camera was put in place near the outer spring house in hopes of capturing any unusual anomalies. The Stealth Camera uses infrared night vision with a movement detector. This camera is activated by movement and will take a series of pictures a few seconds apart.

As the Stealth Camera was being put into place, I walked the grounds with our lead investigator to see if I could sense any activity. Just beyond the property were railroad tracks and beyond the tracks stood a State Mental Hospital that had been in operation since 1891. The train that ran on the tracks brought the chronically insane patients to the hospital. These same tracks were also responsible for the deaths of many of the patients who escaped the hospital walls. They took their own lives by standing in front of a moving train. Our concern was that the young girl who toyed with the paranormal somehow opened a portal that allowed these tortured souls to enter the property.

As we walked, the first lead investigator held a K2 meter and began to ask a series of questions to see if any spirits were present. He began to receive some hits on the meter and we watched as it would light up to a 3 on the light scale. It was not long after, that I received a mental vision of people within the corner of the yard just beyond the right of the Spring House. As the vision became clearer, I saw eight people. At first I thought they were a family, but I was quickly corrected by the woman who stood in the front. She told me they were traveling together. The woman wore a long dress and a hat. Her hair was pulled back tightly giving her a stern expression. A young girl stood beside her. As the investigator, began to speak and send them a greeting, the girl became frightened and stood behind the woman.

I also saw a man of smaller stature wearing a white work shirt, suspenders and wool pants. He had dirt on his face. A younger male was also there. He appeared to be in his teenage years. He had brown ‘mussed up’ hair. He looked pale and confused. The other four people stood behind. There appearance was difficult for me to determine as they appeared blurred and less distinct than the four people who stood in the front. The investigator decided to remain outdoors to investigate further.

I was asked by the co-founder of the Paranormal team to go outside again to take digital pictures of the spring house. The spring house held a no trespassing sign and according to the homeowners, no one had entered the property for years. Looking into the windows it held every paranormal investigators dream of creepy places. It was filled with spider webs, spiders and an assortment of other insects.

I decided to take a few pictures from the outside looking into the window. As I began snapping pictures, I began to make small talk with our co-founder. I could feel her breath on my cheek as she leaned in from behind me. As I turned to say something else to her, I realized she was not behind me at all. She was standing more than 10 feet from me, taking pictures of the spring house. Someone had been with me and it was not her.

We went inside to begin investigating within the home with another lead investigator. Other team members also made their way towards their destination elsewhere on the property. The founder, and another investigator in training, set up inside of the spring house, in hopes of awakening spirit world. Our first lead investigator remained outdoors with our tech manager in an attempt to capture evidence of the vision I had received earlier in the evening.

Within the home itself, all was very quiet and uneventful. We had no hits on the K2 meter or any other equipment set up to capture evidence of a haunting. The only sounds heard within the home were a few bumps and the sound of rustling, scratching noises that could be attributed to the settling of an old home and mice within the walls.

However, outside the Stealth Camera was pushed down by an unseen hand. After being replaced back to an upright position, it began to take pictures with earnest. Inside the Spring House, strange sounds were heard with no particular natural cause. And our founder suddenly fell down the stairs.

Days later upon review of audio and visual data, evidence was captured on audio and on the Stealth Camera. The Stealth Camera captured a curved anomaly in the same location that I had seen the eight people earlier in the evening. At the time the picture was taken, no one was outside and all of the team was accounted for. After careful review of the photograph, no natural earthly explanation could be found.

Two EVP’s, electronic voice phenomena was found imprinted on equipment from the investigation of the spring house. In one, an investigator had just announced that she was coming down the stairs when a male voice unheard by human ears says, ‘Wait’. Our Founder and the investigator were the only people in the spring house at that time.

The second EVP was caught within the house when our founder was explaining how he had fallen down the steps in the Spring House. A male voice is heard saying, ‘I had to’. Was he pushed down the stairs intentionally by a spirit? Maybe, but only those on the other side know for sure.”

More about Ghosthunting Excursions

You can follow Lisa’s investigations by following Visions Investigative Paranormal (VIP) online. As Lisa says, “VIP's goal is to help both the living and the deceased find comfort once again. Our team respectfully serves our client's with honesty, dignity, and truth. The VIP team's center base is centrally located in Eastern Pennsylvania.” If you live in the area, check out the local events open to the public or call for an investigation if you suspect you have paranormal activity on your property.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Heather Green has worked as a fashion and beauty consultant as well as freelancing for various wedding, fashion, and health publications. She currently acts as the resident blogger for Online Nursing Degrees where she’s been researching online healthcare admin programs as well as health care admin degrees.


Thomas said…
Cant wait to read the book. Sounds amazing. Keep it coming!
drmedhus said…
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Now, I channel Erik through a world-renowned medium, asking him questions about death, the afterlife, suicide, UFOs, aliens, the nature of reality and more. Lately, we’ve been asking him to bring famous celebrities to interview including Elvis, Carl Sagan, Sai Baba, Michael Jackson, and 350 more.

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Please understand that Erik is no guru or Dalai Lama. In fact, he curses like a sailor and has an irreverent sense of humor, but in a way, that’s part of his allure. Erik is one of us, someone who once struggled in life and, like us; he’s still searching for answers to those bigger questions. I can’t tell you how many grieving or depressed blog members have been saved by Channeling Erik. If you are in pain, I hope you join us on our journey.

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