Sharing Ghost Stories at the Huntsville Public Library

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Huntsville Public Library tonight.  I was invited to share my ghost stories and spread chilling tales for Halloween.  This was wonderful for me.  I was nervous. I'm a writer not a speaker so I wasn't sure how I'd do, but I was helped by a fabulous audience and the staff at the library.   I may have floundered a bit with my story telling skills, but my audience saved me with fabulous stories.

One of my favorite stories came from a lady sitting in the front row.  She is going to send me photographs and details later, but from what she said tonight I learned a lot about The Moody Brick.  Her great-great grandfather was involved in a tragedy I hadn't heard of at my favorite haunted house, The Moody Brick.  I wrote about the Moody Brick in my book Haunted North Alabama.  It is a house that has been haunted by dark shadow from its construction.  Many have died there, but this lady told me her family story.   Her ancestor was an abolitionist and three men who resented his views murdered him and buried him at The Moody Brick.  His murders were apprehended and hung from the old tree in front of the house.  This only adds to the many horror stories and tragedies that creep out of the haunted location like a dark shadow and the lady shared her story with everyone making the Moody Brick more real and more personal.

Another visitor told a story about another haunted location from my book.  He spoke of Hell's Gates.  I've been to Hell's Gates looking for ghosts and found only wind and darkness.  But he says while he visited this dark location, an unseen force pelted him with sticks and bramble and sent him running into the darkness.  In the darkness, he tripped and hurt his ankle.   Another gentleman told us about the house he lived in, which is very haunted.   He says his ghost is a moody sort of woman who is protective of her old home.  A final lady, stood up and told us stories from Huntsville's haunted train station, The Huntsville Depot.  She shared the encounters of those she knew and spoke of the multitude of ghost that creep out of the old train station.

I learned a lot tonight, but mostly I learned that public speaking is the best way to gather new ghost stories.  I also learned it is much more fun to listen than to speak.


That sounds like such a cool experience! It must have been surreal for you as you listened to the actual accounts and history behind the places you've studied. It does sound like a lot of darkness surrounds The Moody Brick. How scary for the guy who visited Hell's Gates! Although, any place called "Hell's Gates" probably isn't going to be too fun. :)
Jeffery said…
Listening to people is a skill in itself requiring empathy as they submit their fears and anxiety's for your appraisal, especially if you can do so without being judgmental. Your training and nature are obviously suited to the field M'lady!
It sounds like you had a fascinating evening, although I don't blame you for being nervous. You're much braver than I would be, and you were rewarded with some really great ghost stories!!
wicKED said…
Wow I bet you feel honored. Sounded like a great experience.
Motherkitty said…
Jessica ~
It sounds like you handled things just fine. Public speaking is a scary thing in itself, but you did it, and got some terrific stories out of it as well. Good for you! Perhaps this is the beginning of something big. ;-)
Thanks for sharing your experiences and the marvelously creepy stories.
Courtney Mroch said…
Oh how cool! I bet you did better than fine. You are charming and warm and wonderful. You probably just endeared yourself to a legion of new fans!
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks everyone! Ya'll are so nice. It was a great experience and I was honored. Sorry I'm a little slow responding. I'm under the weather now and nothing is getting done on time. I appreciate all the nice comments, however.
Adsila said…
Fantastic, not only for getting up and speaking in public (I can't do that), but for coming across and interesting personal story.
Jeffery said…
You must be close to due!..Put yer feet up woman!..-fetches cup of tea-..behave yerself!..No more stress for you young lady!..
Jessica Penot said…
Jeffrey... I think you are right. I have 5 or 6 weeks left and I'm exhausted. I should have my feet up. That is what the doctor keeps telling me.

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