A Horror Novel for Halloween!

My first novel was my darkest.   I think I was having a dark night of the soul when I wrote this one.  It was littered with sex, violence, and old gods.  I've changed a lot since I wrote this novel, but the novel itself has remained the same.   My inspiration for this bit of horror was the state hospital where I did my internship, Searcy State Hospital.  As soon as I stepped into this old, battered hospital with its dark history and old ghosts I knew something had to be written about it.  So I wrote Circe.   Even though this was my first book written, Circe is my fourth book to be released.   It was released in ebook format today.   If you read ebooks and you like sex, violence, and old demons that grab hold of the world through the voices of the insane,  this might be a good book for your Halloween reading!

I will be celebrating the release of this book with giveaways and fun once I have all the details!  I'm thinking I should give away something fun for this book like a Cthulhu hand puppet or a collection of Lovecraft short stories, since Lovecraft strongly influenced me when I wrote this book.  What do ya'll think?

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wicKED said…
WOW Congrats on the book! I look forward to reading it!
Jeffery said…
Sounds interesting Jess! Sometimes the first lacks the self censorship of what comes next..Adds to "To Read" list
Congratulations on the book being released. (Love your cover art, by the way. Suitably eerie!)

It must be fascinating, personally, to have such a tangible snapshot of your psyche from a previous time in your life, especially if you have a very different mindset now.
Julie Ferguson said…
Congrats on your latest book release. I will have to check it out.
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks Wicked... I hope you like it.

Jeffrey...I hope that self censorship isn't a good thing?

Little Gothic Horror..I'm glad you like the cover art. I always get nervous about that because I have so little control, but I think they did a good job!
Jeffery said…
Necessary Evils M'lady which is a pity at times. Social aesthetics, moral obligations and public decency already pollute a creative mind. At times it's refreshing to explore the universe between our ears unhindered by baggage..Sadly though! There are consequences.
Now! Put your feet up!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your new release! I still haven't had time to read Death's Dream Kingdom with all the drama in my life, but i hope to get to it soon.
Jessica Penot said…
Marbella... I hope your drama calms down. Drama is exhausting. I always hope to live in boring times. Those are the most peaceful.

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