Halloween Party Madness

This week has been filled with planning for Halloween. Our annual Halloween party was last night and here are a few pictures of our nonsense.   I hope all of your Halloweens are as fun as ours has become!

Our little mortuary before the night made it too creepy.

We brought back fortune telling as a Halloween tradition.

My little Cthulu and his brother the brain eating zombie terrorized the party guests.

I decided I was too pregnant to stand half way through the party and let my husband, the pirate, bring me drinks.

We  borrowed the design for this creepy tree from http://mizerella.blogspot.com/2011/09/30-haunted-tree.html#comment-form   It turned out wonderfully and made our Hearth room into a haunted forest.  Our pet conure fit right in.


It all looks great, and wise decision to get off your feet! I remember you mentioning the Cthulu mask from Etsy - it looks fantastic!!
I like your unique displays! The fortune telling table is very cool, as is the coffin and spooky tree! You and your husband are looking quite festive!
Scared said…
It looks like you guys had a fun party, but I have to say that any kid who wears a Cthulhu mask for Halloween is like the coolest kid in the world. Brain-eating zombies are also pretty cool, of course.
Looks like a fantastic party!! Love the Cthulhu mask!! Awesome!!

Jeffery said…
Elegant and tasteful M'lady,

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