Ghostly Games and Wicked Fun for Halloween

I love games.   I love playing every kind of card game and board game.   Game night was a tradition in my family that I have passed on to my own family.   It is a way of bonding with friends and family that draws everyone together in fun.   My favorite games are quite traditional.  I love scrabble and Words with Friends on my iphone is my favorite app.  I love hearts and chess and monopoly deal, but for Halloween I've discovered some new games that bring out my ghoulish nature.  They also reveal my dork side as much as they reveal my dark side.   They are cute and creepy and make the season more interesting.   I turn out the lights, light some candles, and get out these games for a a ghostly giggle in the dark hours of night:
1. Spooky Tales: This is my favorite. This game seems somewhat simple but brings out the dark side of everyone involved and is hilarious even at the worst of times. It consists of a deck of card with various beginnings, ends, segues, and topics on them. So your starting hand might have a couple beginning cards one of which reads,"There was a two headed pig born on my father's farm last night, but that was not the most unusual thing about the pig......." It might also contain a zombie card, a cheerleader card, and drum made of human flesh card. In order to win the game, you have to compete with other players to lay down your cards and make a coherent story and be the first to use all of your cards. The stories that people come up with are disturbing and hysterical. It makes every night an adventure. The game even includes a flashlight with sound effects.

2. Munchkin Zombie: The Munchkin games are a world unto themselves. They are a fairly simple card game that pokes fun and pays homage to role playing games. I don't care for role playing games, but this card game makes me giggle happily every time I play it. The zombie version of this game is brilliant. You will battle horrible adversaries like girl scouts or cafeteria ladies with your own large intestine or with someone else's left leg. This is a definite dark delight for anyone who likes zombies.

3.  Munchkin Cthuhlu:   This is another permutation of the Munchkin Game.  This is probably one of my favorites.   I love Cthulhu and playing a Cthulhu card game makes me happy.  You can become a cultist and fight terrible gods like the great unpronounceable terror.  You get to use wonderful weapons that make no sense while going completely crazy. 

4.  Oh No.... Zombies:   This board game puts you in a small town.  You are trapped and surrounded by zombies and have to fight your way out, or surrender to the zombie hoard.  Have fun trying not to get eaten as you race to the end of this silly and crazy game.


Unknown said…
That spooky games seems like a lot of fun. I might have to pick up some games when I get a chance.
Jeffery said…
It's great to have family traditions and fun together, I spent many hours playing all kinds of games as well as a kid and an adult. Aah! The great Scrabble Mutiny of 83..But that's a story for another time..Hehehehe!
wicKED said…
These do seem like wicKED fun! ;)

Spooky commercial games are hard to come by. Thanks for the post!
These look like fun! I wrote a post a while back about a board game I had as a small child called "Haunted House". I wasn't so much into board games generally, but I loved "Haunted House". As wicKED mentioned, spooky games are harder to come by.
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks All!

Little Gothic Horrors...I think I saw your post on Haunted House. It looked like a fun game, although one that might be hard to find.
I hadn't heard of any of these before now. They all look like lots of fun!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I found your site because it came up in a search for a board game. Several years ago we bought a game that was about the haunted places of America. It had various characters from spooky legends and you had to travel from one place to another - but I can't remember the name and I can't find it online. Do you know what this game was called?? Thanks!

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