Black Stick Men

The world of the paranormal sometimes seems unending. Supernatural beings spring from folklore and urban legends and chance encounters on dark roads at night.  Sometimes, these stories seem so real they can be unnerving.  The stories that people tell of encounters with black eyed children, ghosts, demons and shadow men are chilling and make you reluctant to wander alone at night.   Other times, the stories of paranormal beings just leave you scratching your head.

I feel this way about black stick men.   I keep an open mind, but the stories I've heard of these paranormal entities leave me wondering.  Black stick men are a relatively new phenomena.    According to witnesses, these men are unnaturally tall and so thin that they are two dimensional.   They look like stick figures drawn by a small child in kindergarten class.  They have no facial features and are a blank slate.  They are said to watch people.  They don't move fast or attack their victim, but instead slowly follow behind them from a distance.   Those who have seen them describe feeling overwhelmed by fear and indicate that ignoring the creatures seems to be the fastest way to get them to leave you alone.   One gentleman described seeing one of these stick men on a walk at night.    He glimpsed the stick man with the light of a flashlight.  He didn't describe any fear or action on the part of the figure.  He only described it as there, watching him.  This tends to be the standard description of these phantom creatures.  They watch and they wait and what their purpose could be is as mysterious as the creatures themselves.

There are many theories as to what these stick men are.  Some say they are ghosts or demons and others say they are alien visitors sent to observe us.   I'm not sure what they could be, but this is one paranormal creature I tend to think might exist more firmly in the mind of the observer than in the real world.  Of course, I am often wrong.


Jeffery said…

The above link might point you at some credible info Jess!..Some in the community of paranormal research swear by it as it's scientifically based. Then again some say it's a front for disinformation by the "Man"..Always worth a visit though.
Jessica Penot said…
Thanks... I'm going to check it out ths afternoon.
Julie Ferguson said…
I haven't heard of the Black Stick Men. Another reason to be scared of driving at night on those dark roads.
Lisa Rogers said…
I’ve always thought I was pretty good about keeping up with things that deal with the paranormal, but Black Stick Men? Seriously? I’ve never heard of this. I’ll have to do some checking to educate myself so thanks for posting this Jessica and thanks for the link Jeffery.
I've never heard of the stick men, either, but it's fascinating.

I'm not sure what kind of traffic signs you guys have in America, but I can't help thinking of some of the crossing signs we have (in Australia) with black stick men on a yellow background, and wondering if they wouldn't come to life if enough alcohol was involved.
Little Gothic Horrors ~ Your comment made me laugh!

I'm not familiar with the idea of black stick men. It seems that people often explain the unexplainable with alien theories. This one doesn't sound so believable to me either, but then a lot of things sound crazy if you haven't witnessed them!
Pale said…
I know what you mean, J. When you read this, it makes you think perhaps these stick dudes are sent to ... make fun of people with an interest in the paranormal. ;)
Jessica Penot said…
Little Gothic Horrors: We do have those signs and they probably do come to life with a few too many martinis. I'll do so experimentation with this as soon as I'm able.

Justine's Halloween: Your right, there are a lot of paranormal things that seem mad, until they are staring at you from across the street.

Palemother: I would love it if the stickmen were the pranksters of the paranormal world. They're just here to make all the ghost hunters, and ghost story followers and such look silly.
Caveat said…
It's kinda like The Slender man which you can find pretty easily on YouTube. When I was young, growign up in Darwin I was told about Black Stick Men. They follow you, and have been known to actually take children. All of which is unproven and maybe something to scare little children into good behaviour. Along with Pig Man(Half Man, half boar with 4 eyes) Alogn with Devil devil birds that eat your soul through your chest if you sleep on your back. None of which I have seen, personally but have heard from others, usually older, that they have indeed seen them and experienced such effects. I believe, personally, that because it is unexplainable in largely unproven doesn't mean it is not true. But it may have the same weight of Voodoo magic-The more you believe it the more powerful it becomes!!!
zombeez said…
Hi! Just curious, where did you obtain the information that you got here for your post? What you've described is to a "T" what a friend of mine is experiencing at his home. I've tried researching the Stick Man and have gotten some variations of information - but what you have posted is practically exact to whats been seen at his house. Would you mind sharing some of your resources? We're trying to build some data and your information seems most accurate so far!

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