Top 5 Ghostly Cartoons

You could argue that fear of ghosts comes naturally, but children seem to love ghosts and the large number of ghostly cartoons out there serve as proof of this.   This often makes me wonder if fear of ghosts does come naturally.   There are a plethora of ghostly cartoons out there.  There are so many I couldn't list them all, but these are a few of my favorites.  They are reminders that ghosts can be scary and fun.

5.  Space Ghost:   Any cartoon about a ghostly, superhero from outer space merits a place on the top 5 ghostly cartoons list.  

4.  Scooby Doo:    Scooby Doo is one of longest running, most popular cartoons out there and it is about of crazy teenagers who investigate paranormal mysteries.  True, most of the original ghosts ended up being a crabby old man in a ghost costume, but the newer movies and TV shows often end in actual paranormal events.  

3.  Monster House:  This delightful movie featured three neighborhood kids investigating the local haunted house.  In a twist of expectation,  the house itself is the ghost and the ghost must be driven from the house before the monster house can be defeated.

2.  Casper the Friendly Ghost:   Casper always struck me as a tragic figure.  He was a ghost who was always looking for a friend.  Ironically,  all the little children were afraid of him.  Despite the seeming sadness of this show,  the producers somehow made it funny and fun for kids.

1.  The Real Ghost Busters:   The Real Ghost  Busters was an animated series based on the Ghost Buster movies.  This show continues were the movies left off and delivers many other ghostly creatures for the ghost busters to fight.  It is funny and slimer gets to be a good guy.  What more can you ask for?



Julie Ferguson said…
Yea, Scooby Doo, he's the man, uh rather dog!
Tim Kent said…
I love Space Ghost, but I like his enemy Zorak the Mantis the most.
Ana said…
Poor Carper! I loved watching it when I was a little girl and never thought about it.

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