It is Never too Early for Halloween

I am an avid follower of The Frog Queen (   Every year at The Davis Graveyard, the Frog Queen and her crew create an amazing Halloween world in the front yard.  They construct cemeteries and castles and ghouls that dance in the darkness.  I'm nowhere near skilled enough to do anything like the Frog Queen.  However,  this year I plan on making a little cemetery in my front yard and it is never too early to start work on a project of this magnitude. For me,  it is never too early to start thinking about Halloween.  Unlike the Frog Queen,  I am only going to build key items of my graveyard myself.  I began work on my weeping lady this week.   I have based her plan on this statue from Pere Lachaise:

I have only finished construction on her base, but for me, this is an epic accomplishment.   It may take me the next three months between now and Halloween to finish her.   Considering my speed with building projects,  it is nothing short of a miracle that I've even begun.  With construction beginning on my weeping lady,  I have also begun my shopping.  Although I am not great at building projects,  I have amazing shopping skills. There are some beautiful items online for the lazy front yard cemetery connoisseur.  Here are some of the items I am ordering for my lazy graveyard: 

I hope to have the time and energy to make some additional items myself.  I will be making lots of wooden crosses and  am hoping that I will have time to do one more large scale project for the graveyard, but this is a good start.  I can't wait for Halloween already.  Here is a link to the Davis Graveyard for all those who would like to see how amazing a front yard Halloween project can be.   


Jeffery said…
Sounds like fun mate! May the paper mache force be with you.
Ah,thank made me blush :)

I am sure your will be fantastic...anything that is created in the name of Halloween decorating is beautiful and magical.

I am sure you will love it. Looking forward to your progress reports!

Jessica Penot said…
The Frog Queen... Thanks for the encouragement. I'll need it!

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