Ghost Hunting at the Beach

I love to travel.   It is one of my favorite pass times and one of the things I enjoy most about traveling is visiting haunted locations.  Tomorrow, I am leaving for Gulf Shores, Alabama and I've already got my list of haunted locations to visit picked out.  I also have one excellent beach book picked out to keep me busy when I'm not looking for ghosts or building sand castles.  Here is a list of haunted places along the coast I plan on visiting while I am gone.

1.  Fort Morgan:  This old Fort was shaped to house ghosts.   Its unique star shape pattern calls to ghosts and they linger.  Old soldier ghosts and one tragic white lady keep this fort company on long, lonely nights and those that wander the nights alone at this fort report seeing more than dolphins along the coast.

2.  Fort Gains:  This is the famous haunted fort of Dauphin Island.  Numerous soldier ghosts haunt its old walls.

3.  Shell Mound Park:  Just look below for the long history of this American Indian site.  Its ghosts came looking for oysters and never left.

4.  Bishop's Graveyard:  I haven't read much about this cemetery, but I love all cemeteries and this on is a notorious hot spot for paranormal activity.

5.  Fringeology:   This isn't really a place.  It  is a book about the paranormal and those who study it I plan to read while I'm at the beach.  It looks so good it is as good as a place, however.

Wish me luck and I'll be posting pictures and stories all week as I visit all my haunted places!


beautiful blog, just on a subject I care a lot! I'm reading it for some time!
I am italian, here there are so many mysterious places!
I'm curious about the places you visit a lot "Bishop's Graveyard".
Good luck!

Anonymous said…
Hi, you seem to have a very international readership! I'm English, and also am enjoying your blog, both the the stories of ghosts and also seeing the lovely pics of places so far away.
It's never warm enough to enjoy the beach here, so hope you have a good trip!
Anonymous said…
Fun Jessica! I've been through Gulf Shores three times but never got to stay longer than a few hours. Twice on the way to New Orleans and once heading to Bay Minette, AL to a funeral for a best friend of me and my ex-husbands. I do love that area and one day hope to spend some actual time, like a couple of days, and do some serious exploring! Take LOTS of pictures so I can live through your digital looking glass!

Julie Ferguson said…
Have a great time. I am looking forward to your stories and pictures.
haints said…
You need to check-out Blakely State Park. It is on the site of the last major battle of the Civil War.

I camped there a few years ago. My girlfriend and I were the only ones there. The campground was next to a cemetary.

We went to the battlefield at night. Didn't see anything, but it was spooky.
Shawn said…
Sounds awesome, Jessica!! Can't wait to see some amazing pictures!
Have a fantastic time! We'll be waiting for stories and photos to come!

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