A Look Back at 2010

It is now officially 2011 and a new year has begun.   New Years day is traditionally a day to make resolutions and plans for a better year, it is also a time to look back.  I did a lot of blogging last year and it is interesting to me which of my posts were the most successful.   The posts I spend the most time on and love the most usually aren't always the ones that others love the most.  However,  I'm hoping to fine tune my blog a little next year and write more posts like the ones that were the most popular last year.  So which of my posts were the most popular last year?  Here's a look back at my top four most popular posts:

1.  The Ghost Town of Pripyat:   This was a post done on one the abandon cities after the Chernobyl incident.   I had to do a lot of research on this post because I hadn't ever traveled to Pripyat.   This was by far and away my most popular blog post gaining almost 18,000 hits since I've posted it.    http://ghoststoriesandhauntedplaces.blogspot.com/2010/05/ghost-town-of-pripyat.html

2.   The Ouija Board:  Good or Bad:   I think this post sparked a lot of discussion.  Almost everyone has passionate feelings on the Ouija Board and a lot of readers commented with their own Ouija Board stories.  It think the Ouija Board topic is always popular do to the emotion and fear that surrounds it.

3.  Green Orbs and the Meaning of Colored Orbs:   Again,  this topic sparked a lot of discussion and drew a lot of readers.   People have strong feelings about orb.  Some feeling they are just mistakes in photography others feel they are strong representations of the paranormal.  This post was very popular and I loved hearing every one's opinion on the matter.  This is one of those posts where I learned a lot from the comments.  I could probably do a second post based just on the comments from this post.

4.  Ghost Hunting at the South Pittsburgh Hospital:  This post was an amazing one for me because I actually got to go ghost hunting with the team from Southern Ghosts and Courtney Mroch from Haunt Jaunts.  This was so much fun and so educational that I didn't think I could ever top this post.  I'm putting a chapter on this haunted location in my Haunted Chattanooga Book. 

So what have I learned from these  blogs?  I've learned that although haunted places will always be some of the most fascinating paranormal posts in the world if they are really engaging, there is nothing like a good discussion from time to time.  So for 2011, I plan on doing a haunted place and a discussion every week with the occassional ghostly potporri for color, like my beloved book reviews.  These will never be my most popular posts, but they are my favorite to do!  

So Happy New year to all and may 2011 bring joy and peace!


Sharon Day said…
Sounds like a great plan. I agree. I can't get enough of talking about ghostly things. If I could, I would give everyone a paranormal experience so they can see why it sparks the mind with wonder. I can't wait to see what you do in 2011. It will be a busy year, I suspect.
Julie Ferguson said…
Happy new year and looking forward to what you have in store for us this year.
Missy said…
I remember commenting on a couple of those blogs! (=

For the *entire* weekend, I have a link up tool on both ParanorMel and on my main blog open for business.

It's open today and through tomorrow on PARANORMEL *only*, though.
Courtney Mroch said…
Isn't it funny how that works? There are posts I think will be popular because I really loved them, but they just do okay. I loved your Pripyat post. I had forgotten about it until just now. (But I'm nuts for Chernobyl anything.)

Here's to you in 2011! Looking forward to more great posts....and pics! ;)
Anonymous said…
I too am looking forward to reading your blog this year as I really enjoy it. Wishing you the best in the new year!

laughingwolf said…
happy new year to you and yours, j :D
Happy New year to you!! Looking forward to you posts always. Here is to 2011!


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