Winners and Other Announcements

My Anniversary has come and gone and the winners of my contest were Dave of the Dead and LaughtingWolf.  I'll be getting in touch with both of you to get your addresses etc. so I can mail your prizes.  I used the well tested inny minny miny moe technique to chose my winners.  I'm sure this was much better than the best random number generator.

Before I begin with another year of ghost stories,  I have a few other announcements to make.  Due to my growing pressures in life,  I will be changing my blog a little bit.  I won't be a daily blog any more.  If I were completely honest,  I was never a daily blog.  I missed 65ish days of blogging this year, but I tried to blog every day.  Now I will be cutting back to two or three times a week and I'm hoping that will give me an opportunity to increase the quality of my posts and finish Haunted Chatanooga.

Also, I also want to apologize in advance for any slowing in comments to all you wonderful bloggers out there.  I have a few big life changes that have slowed me down a bit, but I'm still reading and will be commenting as often as I can.   Thanks again to everyone and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Sharon Day said…
You enjoy the holidays and we'll always be around when you pop the posts up.
Julie Ferguson said…
Merry Christmas.... I will keep my eyes open for your new posts and look forward to reading them.

Have a happy new year if I don't hear from you before then.
Pale said…
Happy Holidays, J.
Dave the Dead said…
Cutting back and increasing the quality of the posts = something to look forward to! Good luck with Haunted Chattanooga, and have a great Christmas!
Admin said…
Merry Christmas, Jess!
Missy said…
I hope you have a good Christmas, Jessica!!

This morning I placed up a LINK UP/BLOG HOP tool on my blog post for ParanorMel in the hopes to get PARANORMAL bloggers to add their blog links to it.

I'm trying to find more reads, as well as trying to help my fellow Paranormal writers out at the same time.

*Everyone here*, feel free to add your Paranormal blog links to my page.

*Paranormal blogs ONLY for my page, please.*

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