A Week at the Haunting Chateau Larcher

I am revisiting this old post again as part of my week of France. I love to travel and I love to rent houses when I travel. I avoid hotels when possible and look for rare and interesting places to stay. When I went to France, I found an old medieval castle that had been broken up into 4 town houses. I was able to rent one portion of this castle. The castle, Chateau Larcher, was a bit of a mystery and still is. I travelled during the off season and the small village's tourist information center had been closed, so I was never able to learn much about the history of the castle. I read the plaque by the Cathedral which dated the Cathedral built into the church at around 980 and the castle itself wasn't finished until 1070. Outside of this, I found nothing to denote the castle's origins. It was located in the Poiters region of France just South of the Loire valley and would have been in Aquitaine during it's highest uses. The location of the castle must have been a sacred place at one time because the area is also known for it's dolmen. These are the types of rock arrangements that have been made most famous by Stonehenge. They are usually places in a sacred or important location.

Staying in the castle was wonderful. I loved it and I snuck away every evening to walk in the dark. One time I enlisted help to break into a roped off section of the castle and sneak around. The castle was mostly ruins and in the night as I wandered alone, I found myself chilled. There is nothing tangible I can use to prove that this castle was haunted. There was only a profound feeling that I was not alone. As I have little else to offer, I have posted pictures of the castle.  If you saw my first post on this castle,  the pictures are different from the first posting.  I have hundreds of these pictures.  T


What a fantastic place to stay! I always prefer to stay at bed/breakfasts and out of the way as, well. One day I hope to stay in a castle, as well. Should I travel to France; I'll add this to my list.
Pam Morris said…
just gorgeous. when we lived in Europe, exploring old, abandoned castles was a favorite thing to do--not the big, fancy tourist places...rather, the ones in ruins at the tops of hills--you had to work to get to these places! you can truly feel the presence of those souls who once inhabited these disintegrating, old ruins.
Julie Ferguson said…
What a cool place! Lucky you to be able to stay there and check out the place. I like the look and architecture of the castle.
Courtney Mroch said…
I wondered if you'd posted this before! I thought it sounded familiar. I believe it was one of the 1st posts of yours I read that got me all excited about finding your blog. Imagine France plus ghosts together in one blog? I was over the moon to find you and have stayed that way ever since: irreversibly smitten!

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