The Paranormal Leadership Award

Recently, the wonderful Courtney Mroch presented me with a paranormal leadership award.  I am deeply honored that she thought of me for this award.  I was also honored to be included in a group with Ghost Theories, Ghost Eyes, and The Weekly Specter.  You should stop by to see the rest of the wonderful blogs on Courtney's list.  Although there were no rules or expectations connected with this award,  I wanted to pass it on to some of my favorite  paranormal bloggers out there.  I have many favorite blogs but these are my favorite paranormal blogs!

1. Ghost Stories: This wonderful site includes ghost stories, haunted places, and reviews of all books and movies etc that are associated with the paranormal.  It is a wonderful blog!

2.  Southern Spirit Guide:  This blog is amazingly well researched and explores haunted locations in the South.

3.Above the Norm:  This beautiful blog features some of the best photographs of haunted locations on the Internet.  If a picture says a thousand words, this blog is an epic.

4.  Parnormel:  This blogger tells her own ghost stories and they can be absolutely chilling.  She also does posts on famous haunts

5.  Haunt Jaunts:   It wouldn't be a list of my favorite blogs if I didn't include Courtney of Haunt Jaunts.  Her blog is definitely on of the top paranormal blogs on the Internet.

6  The Weekly Specter:  This award started with the Weekly Specter and I'm sending it back.  This is definitely  a blog worth reading.  Sadly the blog will be shutting down so this is my farewell to one of my favorite blogs.  I'll miss reading your posts!


Julie Ferguson said…
Thank you Jessica, I totally appreciate it. I will have to pass it on to some more cool blogs.
Unknown said…
Awwww, thank you so much Jessica. You are all so sweet! I will miss Weekly Spectre to, but maybe Courtney will allow me to guest post now and then. ;)
Lewis Powell IV said…
Thank you, very much! I feel quite honoured to be in your list of favourite blogs and to now have an award. I really appreciate this! Thank you again.
Missy said…
Thank you so kindly! In fact, I have a couple things I do need to jot down. One being at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest with the 5th grade class yesterday...Not seen, but man was the energy strong!

Is there a way to post a copy of the award? Just save image, so we can post and also pass along?
Jessica Penot said…
Weekly Spectre.. You are sweet too and I'll be watching for your guest blogs. You are welcome to guest blog here too if you just need to write more.

Proudmomof3... I just right clicked and saved the image.
Andrea Allison said…
Thank you Jessica! I feel honored to be among your favorite blogs.
Missy said…
Got it! I also made mention and provided the link for you and your blog page. (=
Courtney Mroch said…
LOL! I'm so glad you DID pass it on to Andrea after all! I'm ROFLMAO because I felt so bad I didn't pass it to her to begin with (as well as a couple of others) that I did a second one giving it out! Yes, I AM a nut. Also VERY happy to see you tagged Julie too. She was another one I thought I should give one too, but then who would you or Alison pass it on to? (I don't even know why I thought this way. It had to do with one time we were all passing around awards and kept naming blogs over and over and making hard for each other to pass on to. I didn't want to hog them all up!) I know, I'm a colossal Dork!

Congratulations, Jessica! Certainly, it's well deserved.

Your blog is one of my favorites, as well. Now, with your nominees;
I have even more to add to my list of "reading materials." :-)

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