Am I Fester Adams?

Today was one of those days.  It was one of those days when you have to step back at least three times and take deep cleansing breaths to prevent yourself from falling apart completely.   The day started badly.  I had bought new, prelit garlands for the house and none of them lit up.  I had promised my boys that we could decorate the tree today and they woke up early with Christmas carols on their lips and joyful smiles.   I took out the new lights and tested them.  None of them worked.  I took a deep cleansing breath and drove to Pottery Barn to buy new lights.  We decorated the tree and ran some errands. They were the errands from hell.   I won't bore you with the details but I will say that you should never trust a car salesman.  After this, I was ready for something fun and relaxing.  I asked my boys what fun activity they would like to do for the afternoon.

This was where my bad decision making came in.  Never ask two brothers to chose an activity.  I was doomed.  They couldn't pick the same activity and they fought for literally fours hours over which movie to see, whether the movie was too girly, should they go swimming at the YMCA, was there another movie worth seeing.  The fighting escalated and I could do nothing.  I couldn't side with either of them as I never show favoritism.  So I just sat down.  I sat down and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic while my hair turned white.  The day faded.  The moment passed and it was too late for fun activities. My boys got over themselves and left to play outside and I was left with a moment of peace.  I took a deep breath and put up my new garlands.

As I hung the first garland over the fireplace, it lit up.  I stood there staring at it trying to understand why it lit up.  I took my hands off the garland and the light faded.  I checked the plug.  It wasn't plugged in.  The plug was still encase in those plastic things from the box.  I was beginning to feel like Fester Adams.   I probably look like Fester Adams today.  I certainly have the black rings around my eyes.  For many years now, strange things have followed me that I ignore or say, "it must be a ghost" with a laugh.  Faucets turn on by themselves.  The garage door opens and closes for no reason.  I believe there must be a rational explaination for these things, but this event today got me to wondering if it wasn't just me. Am I Fester Adams? I certainly can't think of any explanation that makes sense. I love rational explanations.  So if any of you have any explanation as to why the lights went on when I touched them please comment.  Static electricity maybe?   Maybe I just need medication?  Maybe I was Fester Adams in another life?  I guess that isn't rational.  Maybe my house is just electrically challenged.  I am open to all suggestions.  For now, I am going to enjoy the quiet while my boys play and maybe have a beer and hope I don't go to crazy tonight.


Julie Ferguson said…
the Addams Family *snap, snap*
I couldn't resist.
Jessica Penot said…
I know it. I love the Addams family.
Anonymous said…
I don't know if you're Fester Addams, but you sure have a terrific blog!
Jessica Penot said…
Anne,, Thank you! I appreciate it!
Courtney Mroch said…
Oh gosh! I just now read this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Even though this had to be SOOOO frustrasting for you, you turned it into such a funny blog post...Ms. Fester Adams! (Fester is SO now your new nickname!)

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