Should I be Mrs Lovett?

So I bought my Halloween costume months ago, but I'm seriously tempted by this.  I love Sweeney Todd.  For the line,,, "The History of the world, my love, is those below serving those up above.  How gratifying for once to know that those above will be serving those down below."  alone.   So should I change my mind and be Mrs. Lovett?  I even have her insane curly hair.


Gina said…
Ooh...I don't IS a pretty good idea and if you've got the hair to seems like it was MADE for you!
Pam Morris said…
ohhh , that sounds like a VERY cool costume...yeah, do it! (you can always save the other costume for another year)
Jessica Penot said…
Ya'll convinced me. I'm Mrs. Lovett!
We'll want pictures of the final result! :)

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