What Do You Fear?

Halloween is coming fast and everyone is looking for something scary.  My sister spent the night tonight and went through my horror movie collection looking for  "something scary."   She asked me what movie I had that was scary and as I thought about it, I realized that for the most part horror movies just don't scare me.   I don't think I'm alone in this.  I know many people that are like me and aren't afraid of monsters, ghosts, serial killers, or the things that lurk in the minds of  Hollywood.  

Fear is a relative thing.  Some people are terrified of snakes,  I keep them as pets.  Others fear spiders,  I kind of like spiders.   Some of my fears are quite common place.  Others are rare and the same is true for almost everyone I know.  As a therapist,   I've known people who are afraid to go outside alone, afraid of the dark, afraid of dogs, etc.  I've worked with people that are so crippled by fear they are unable t leave their houses or function in any way.   Fear is one of the most powerful emotions.  For every person there is a fear.  Here are mine:

10.  Dolls  (really, glass eyes are creepy.  Mommy D's haunted doll collection would terrify me)
9.  Cockroaches  (this is common)
8.  Public speaking
7.  bugs under my skin (screworms)
6.  Public Restrooms
5.  Thong underwear (Yuck)
4.  The Exorcist
3.  Doctors  (ironically, my husband is a doctor)
2.  Dirty Feet
1.  Losing those I love

Ghosts are not on my list, but I think I'm drawn to ghosts because I have lost people I've loved and believing they are still with me offers some relief to my largest fear. 

So that brings me to my question for tonight.  What do you all fear?  What strange things would keep you up at night?  Birds?  Dogs?  Dirty underwear? What is it that drives you to shiver?


Dave the Dead said…
the front edge of a metal awning. It can be wayyy up over my head, but I just know that one day I am going to slice my head open on a metal awning.
Missy said…
Spiders are at the top of my list.

Along with a fear of heights (but I can look out a plane's window while 1,000's of feet in the air with no prob).

Also, I'm claustrophobic (primarily in elevators & only when I'm alone in them..but also in certain other 'cramped' quarters).

I'm not one for walking alone in the dark (guess it's a woman thing lol).
Elk999us said…
#3:Psycho's that seem to be everywhere
#4: Home invasion
#5: Financial ruin
#6: Failing health
Jessica Penot said…
I think I'm going to add financial ruin from Elk999us's list and metal awning from Dave of the Dead's list to my list somewhere. I'm afraid of both of those. From Proud mom of 3's list, I have had a fear of heights but I flooded myself by rock climbing and now that fear has faded. Clefairy... I think sharks are a very rational fear! I watch shark week.
Andrea Allison said…
Spiders or most bugs in general, snakes, drowning, movies like Cabin Fever, public speaking. These are just to name a few.
Unknown said…
I have a slight fear of a lot of the things mentioned. But the REAL fear come in with:

Spiders, If they surprise me I'm fine. I just kill them and thats that, but if I see it coming. Like it's on the wall, I freak out. They follow me I know it! ICK!

Clowns: I hate them. I think it's because you can't see who they really are under the makeup.

I used to be afraid of dolls, but as you know I threw myself under the train and I think I'm getting over that one real quick ;)

Public Speaking: Self explanatory. I get panic attacks just thinking about that.

Losing a child: This haunts me everyday. I wish I could just not think about it, but everyday it pops into my head and I have a little panic attack.

Like you, horror movies, blood, ghost, monsters, and all that don't scare me. I was desensitized at an early age by my two older brothers who liked to watch horror movies while baby sitting LOL.
Mr. Macabre said…
The IRS and fatal diseases scare me to no end.
Pam Morris said…
yeah, I don't like nasty diseases either. (ditto for thong underwear). don't think I'm terribly afraid of anything, really. I've scuba dived in the ocean (sharks), jumped out of an airplane 5 times, been thrown from a horse at a full gallop (still can't remember what happened), and currently take care of my daughter's snake, lizard and aquatic turtle along with dogs, cats and horses. not looking forward to death too much but what the hell can you do about that? guess my biggest fear now is for my children venturing out into the world on their own--hoping that what I've taught them works.

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