Updates from the Land of Fog and Madness

Where is the land of fog and madness?  It is right here.  It is in my house.  I believe that I have lost my mind somewhere in the boxes and papers that surround me and if my children keep the fog machine running at the constant rate they've been running it, I may never find it.  Because of my foggy insanity,  I wanted to post a few updates and apologize to everyone out there for not commenting as much as I usually do on their blogs.  

For my first update,  I would like to thank Gabriel Alexander, who runs the marvelous blog The Time Human for his recent interview of me for my new book release.  You can find his wonderful blog, which has a dog's head on it today at  http://networkedblogs.com/85VyO .  His blog is always educational.

I would also like to salute the following wonderful bloggers, for keeping me inspired with their wonderful posts.  So even if I don't make any sense, they do and that reminds me of what I should be aspiring to:

Haunt Jaunts              http://hauntjaunts.net/blog/
The Weekly Specter     http://weeklyspectre.com/
Above the Norm         http://above-the-norm.blogspot.com/
Labrynthian Creations   http://labyrinthcreations.blogspot.com/
Frog on a Pumpkin        http://strangelittlegirlblog.blogspot.com/
Ghost Eyes                    http://www.ghosteyes.com/
Ghost Lounge               http://ghost-lounge.blogspot.com/
Ghost Stories           http://paranormalstories.blogspot.com/
Ghost Hunting Theories http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com/
Paws and Reflect    http://laughing1wolf.blogspot.com/
The Heart Centered Psychic   http://heartcenteredpsychic.blogspot.com/
Paranormel         http://laughing1wolf.blogspot.com/

So why have I lost my mind?  Over the last month I have inherited a new corgi, which now makes me have about as many corgis as the Queen of England. Amidst my little pack of frolicking corgis, my children and the other neighborhood children decided to turn the house into a haunted manor early, so all the Halloween props are out and the fog machine is running.  The sound effects are going and I'm not sure whether I tripped over a corgi or a bat heart in a jar.  Over the upcoming month I will also have 4 birthdays, 3 book signings, 2 5ks, 1 trip to Chicago, 1 beer fest, 1 zombie walk, and 1 epic Halloween party to plan.  I dropped out of Taekwondo because I simply don't have the time to kick butt.  I am most excited about the Halloween party.  Boxes keep coming and my strange assortment of ghoulish props are growing.  I really can't wait.  One of my new props is pictured below.  My children chose that one. 

Due to all this chaos,  I may not get my prizes for this month's giveaway out until the end of the week and my blogging may slow a bit.  But bare with me, there will be lots of Halloween fun a long the way and if I am not commenting as much,  I am still reading,  I just don't want to ruin your blogs with the nonsense dripping from my head for a while.  I'll leave that for the more sensible readers.  In the mean time,  I hope to write about my adventures which will be more than I can count.


Pam Morris said…
omg woman! I don't know how you are keeping it together! I'd be passed out on the floor with all that stuff going on. (guess I'll forgive you for slackin' off on the bloggin' hehe!) anyway, sounds like you're having a ball, so enjoy!
Pale said…
Great interviews, J. And thanks for all of the links.

You mentioned The Exorcist in one of the interviews ... have I mentioned the new Booth Brothers film (due at Halloween)here yet? It's a documentary based on the (supposed?) diary of the real exorcist on the case. They filmed some paranormal investigations in the real life locations where the events took place. I don't know if it will be any good, but it might at least be interesting to see some of the locations and hear some of the facts again.

The Trailer:

The Booth Brother's Blog:
You? Are an incredibly busy woman! I've no idea how you do it all so well; but you do. The dog is adorable, by the way. We'll be patiently waiting right here for you!

And nonsense dribbling from your head isn't a bad thing, either. Happens to me all the time!

Thanks for sharing!!
Courtney Mroch said…
NO WORRIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally understand being too busy to breathe, much less comment on other people's blogs. Suffice it to say, if you have time to ever read mine: fantastic! But it is in no way, shape or form expected! EVER!!!!!!!!

I sure like your prop in the picture! Your party sounds like it'll be a HOOT! And Corgis, eh? I think they are such cute dogs.

Oh, and I LOVED your title. Very poetic. And even neater you have a fog machine! One of your very own!

If you're going to go mad, I say fog is a wonderful thing to have swirling about you! Enjoy! =)
Jessica Penot said…
THank you all for understanding! The busy is good for a while, because I know everything will slow down in November. Otherwise, I really would go crazy.

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