Let the Halloween Hauntings Begin!

Over the next two months the world will paint itself in black and orange for Halloween.  All sorts of haunted houses and attractions will awaken from their ten month slumber to scare children and adults and remind us of the things that scare us in the dark.  As these things crawl out from their shadowy depths,  I will explore them and discuss them, because although I love real haunted places,  I also love the artificial ones that pay homage to the real ones.  I went on my first Halloween exploration today!  I know, it keeps starting earlier and earlier and that just tickles me.  Today, I went through Huntsville Botanical Garden's Scarecrow Trail and explored the terrifying and silly scarecrows and the other seasonal nonsense they put up.  It doesn't get any more fun or family friendly than this Alabama Halloween attraction.  

Ghost Busting Scarecrow!


Pam Morris said…
my favorite holiday! how lucky you are to already have some attractions to attend! (and Jessica--you won the giveaway--will be sending you your goodies asap!)
Jessica Penot said…
Awesome!!! I never win things! Yay! I'm thrilled.
Anonymous said…
I love Halloween! I wish our small town would do more as far as decorations and attractions goes.
I look forward to your posts.
Julie Ferguson said…
Those are cool. Looking forward to reading all your spooky Halloween posts. I am going to visit and take many photos of Halloween events around my state. I am hoping that some real haunted places will be on that list.
laughingwolf said…
swell stuff!

How fun! I haven't seen any decorations around here, yet; but I'm on the lookout!

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