Halloween Shopping

The Halloween stores have opened and Halloween costumes now hang in the aisles of every Target in America.   Women are lining up to buy their sexy witch, or sexy Alice in wonderland, or sexy nurse costumes. Men are lining up to dress like giant breasts.  Children are lining up to be the usual super heroes and princesses and I am beginning to decorate for this year's Halloween party.   I went to Halloween Express yesterday and enjoyed their terrifying and horrific collection of props and oddities.   I really liked the demon babies and creepy old people, but I finally settled on a fortune teller who predicts that she'll eat you in the near future.   I also bought several tomb stones.  Although I am short on words today,  here is pictorial tour of the beginning of my Halloween madness.  The witch above will stand at the front of our haunted house and the tombstones will be in the front yard.  Her pretty bows make her perfect.  The things below were far too creepy for our haunted house but were certainly interesting.



Julie Ferguson said…
I like the old witch fortune teller, she is cool.
Anonymous said…
That baby is CREEPY!
Jessica Penot said…
The baby scared me too! Like I'm not scared enough of regular dolls.
magikalseasons said…
Love the fortune teller! The creepy yucky baby ahhhh!
Shan said…
Shami said ….

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The creepy fortune teller is excellent! Can't say the same about creepy bay. Ick!!!
Pam Morris said…
it looks great! love the fortune teller, too

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