Ghostly Giveaway Winner

Happy 4th of July!  Everyone in my neighborhood is lighting fireworks to rival Disney World and I'm celebrating by giving away books to Andrea Allison from Ghost Stories which is located at   .A few weeks ago I  posted a giveaway.  I announced I would be giving away a collection of Lovecraft short stories and a hardback copy of The Thirteen Tale.   Several people entered to win the ghostly summer reads and I used the most scientific methods available to me to randomly determine the winner.  This, of course, means that I used the famous iny miny miney moe technique that I mastered in grade school.   Have a happy holiday!  Don't set your hand on fire,  I already have and it wasn't as much fun as it sounds.


Andrea Allison said…
Wow...I almost forgot about this. Yay! Thanks so much!

I've seen the fireworks at Disney World and my neighbors were definitely in the running for that title.
There is nothing wrong with iny miny miney moe! And I shall add paranormastories to my blog reader. :)

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