The Riverhaven Cabin Ghosts

Most ghost stories are creepy. They hint at some unhappy soul lurking just beyond reality waiting to do us harm. The Riverhaven cabin is haunted, but the ghosts there seem pleasant and inviting.  This was one of the first haunted places I wrote about, but I am revisiting it since I'm returning to Gatlinburg in a few weeks.   Alas, we can no longer stay at Riverhaven  because we have dogs now, but it was my favorite place in Gatlinburg and it has been remodeled since our last visit. 

Riverhaven is a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. It is described by the reality company as pleasant and comfortable. This historic log home is an antique Chestnut log approx. 200 years old built in 1800. It has unique wormy Chestnut paneling inside. The cabin was constructed in the National Park and was moved in the 1930's to its current location in downtown Gatlinburg. The Realtors website shows many pretty pictures of the cabin and if you rent it, when you enter you'll be pleasantly surprised by it's comfort and warmth.

Every cabin in Gatlinburg has a log or journal for visitors to share their experiences in. Typically, these logs are filled with stories of family vacations. Every page has the same bland pleasantries. It is as if they came from a script. Guests tell about their family, what they did, and the great time they had in the cabin. Riverhaven's journal is different. Each guest tells about flickering lights, moving objects, vanishing items, and odd noises. Not every resident there concludes the cabin is haunted, but every page indicated there is something odd about this pleasant cabin nestled by the river.

I only stayed at Riverhaven for three nights and for the most part it was quiet. I stayed with my family and we complained to each other about the lack of linens in the cabin. We searched it from top to bottom, pulling it apart in a futile quest for a table cloth or anything to cover the splintery, ancient dining table. Finally, on the first night we gave up and ate on our laps. We went to bed and dead bolted the door and locked the door with the sliding lock that even someone with a key couldn't open. In the morning, we awoke to find every table set with table cloths and silverware. The cabin was clean and pretty and we certainly hadn't left it that way when we went to sleep. We often laugh about this cabin as we flounder to explain our experiences there, but when I think of the strange journal there and the consistency of all the stories, I have to assume it was haunted by ghosts that liked us.


Courtney Mroch said…
AH! That's why it sounds familiar. I thought the pic looked familiar but I couldn't place it. Now I remember. I sure hope you have fun. Hope it will be cooler up there too. (Man, the heat so early this year...ICK!) Are you going to Dollywood??? (Also, I'd sure love to go to sleep and have things look pretty around here. Keep hoping the animals will get the hint and pitch in but alas...NO! LOL!)
Unknown said…
Wow! If I ever get up that way I will be sure to check this out. I love a ghost who cleans up after me!

Mommy D
Jessica Penot said…
Yeah! Its too bad we couldn't have brought that ghost home with us.

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