Posiedon's Temple

It is no surprise that I love haunted attractions.  I will go to any haunted house or ghostly attraction. Today, I went to an attraction I expected to be everything but ghostly, but this was a surprisingly enjoyable haunted attraction.  This particular attraction was surprising because I had no idea what to expect. I know nothing about Universal Studios attractions and I thought this was going to be a water ride, but the moment you step into the crumbling ruin of a temple you are engulfed in shadowy darkness. The deeper you go into the temple the more mysterious the music around you becomes.  Shadows dance on crumbling walls as you are lead into the main temple chamber.  The show begins with your tour guide explaining the history of the haunted temple to you. One of Poseidon’s priests went crazy and entombed all of his followers in the temple and killed them. Their ghosts still haunt the darkened rooms of the crumbling temple. Ghost sound effects follow, although the guide smiles and says the ghosts must be dogs….. Nothing to be afraid of.

From there you are taken from a chamber filled with skeletons and magic through a dark, mist filled tunnel into a room where the final show down between good and evil occurs with explosive results. This attraction is a load of fun and if you like ghosts, skeletons, sunken temples, and old gods it is a must for any trip to Orlando. You won’t find any real ghosts, but the fake ones are just as much fun.

The bottom pictures are for dorks like me,,,, they are a preview of Harry Potter’s World of Wizardry.


Courtney Mroch said…
Isn't that an awesome one? And it's a great one to escape into on a cold day. Glad you ended up finding one you weren't expecting to like so much!
Jason G said…
I can not wait to get a visit in to the Harry Potter world!!
Those are just super cool pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Courtney Mroch said…
OH! And I just realized you also posted bonus Harry Potter Wizarding World pics. Love it! Did you get to do that too? If so, how was it???

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