The Mutilated Cat Ghost

There was a Manor House in Oxenby England that was haunted by a phantom cat.   Although I love this story,  I have been unable to discover whether the house that was haunted is still standing.  I have read some information that says the old manor house no longer stands, although without travelling I can't confirm this.   The house at Oxenby was haunted by a very strange and terrible ghost.  According to one former resident, the house was haunted by a huge black cat.  The first time the black cat was seen it crept towards the owner.  It was horribly disfigured.   One of its eyes and hind legs were missing.   It crawled up to the owner and collapse at the owners feet, fading into the mist.   The next day the woman's brother died.

The cat reappeared two years later.  The cat was bleeding and appeared to be dying.   It finally fell to the ground and vanished.  The next day the woman's mother died of a stroke.   The cat appeared one final time four years later.  It appeared and vanished as usual and the following evening  the woman's father died.

The story of the manor's history was excavated some years later.  The manor and all its estates had been owned by a young boy.  His father had been a knight and when he died he past everything he owned on to his orphaned son.   His son was kept in the care of a guardian until he came of age.  The guardian plotted to take the estate from his ward.   He killed his ward and tortured him.  He tortured him by forcing him to watch his beloved cat mutilated and boiled alive before he finally killed the cat and the boy.  He then tried to install his own twisted bastard son in the young boy's place.  The plot was discovered and the guardian and his bastard were tried and hung for their crimes. 


Julie Ferguson said… is almost like the cat was buried in the pet cemetery and came back evil. The story is an interesting one.
Jessica Penot said…
For some reason this one creeped me out more than usual. The thought of torturing animals bothers me and killing children really bothers me.
Pam Morris said…
I think that's what bothers me the most about this story, too. I can't stand animals being abused...or children...what a tragedy.
Admin said…
What if your cat comes back from the dead? Oh noes!
Courtney Mroch said…
Well that's a disturbing ghost story! Poor cat! Kind of weird too, since some cats (living ones that is) do seem to sense Death's presence. But this ghost cat seems to be a harbinger. Chilling. (Chillingly creepy!) Love what you reveal.
James Griffin said…
I have Elliot O'Donnell's book Great Ghost Stories, and this story is in it. I read the book every year and have been since I got it in '88. This story has always fascinated me, and I'd love to know if the house is still there. Probably not, though. Great post. :)

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