Finding Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide by Valerie Rogers

Many psychics believe that within each of us there is an inner voice, sometimes called a inner guide or spirit guide.  I've never been entirely sure of this myself, but I am always open to new experiences.   I saw a psychic speak several months ago on the importance of finding and connecting with your spirit guide when you go on paranormal investigations.  She said that many times these types of investigations put you in contact with malignant and mean spirits that could do you harm.  She said that it was your spirit guide that could protect you and lead you away from danger, keeping you safe in these types of situations.  Whether you believe this psychic and others or not,  I thought this would be a fun exercise for a hot summer night.  This is Theresa Cheung's advice on how to contact your inner guide.

"Find a place where you can relax and get comfortable without being disturbed.  Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place of light and sound.  As you breathe slowly and deeply, imagine a bridge leading to this place and see yourself walking on it.  As you reach the end of this bridge you are surrounded by light and color and sound.  Take time to explore the feeling and the place and to listen to the sounds.  You come to a full-length mirror.  As you look into the mirror you realize that the image you see is the real you, the ideal you, the magical you- your inner guide.  To your amazement your inner guide steps out of the mirror and stands in from of you saying in a kind,gentle voice,  "I am the most creative part of you. I see what you do not.  How can I help you?"

You sit down with your guide.  You may request some insight or discuss a problem or ask what lies ahead.  Listen and remember.  Remember your guide will always be with you now that you have found them.  when yo leave, see yourself taking some of the sounds and images back with you.  In time all you will need to do is close yours eyes to find your guide.  And the more you work with your inner guide the more you will know that your psychic powers are coming to life within you."

This is an interesting exercise to me because I am a psychologist and I do 2-4 groups a day in a psychiatric hospital.  One of my most popular group is a type of relaxation therapy called guided imagery.  This process is very similar to guided imagery, which is supposed to help the patient find a symbol of peace and protection they can carry with them.  I hope you enjoy this exercise and discovered a new part of yourself, or at least a little bit of peace to take with you into a chaotic world.


Pam Morris said…
I'm not sure I've ever thought of the little voice inside me as something that brings a sense of peace and protection but I do know that without that little voice, I could not create my art (which saves me from a life of insanity and grief!) perhaps it does indeed offer peace and protection...
Jessica Penot said…
It seems like you've found the perfect balance with your inner guide.

What a lovely post! I believe everyone has their own way of finding protection, creativity, psychic self. The guided meditation and visualization are lovely; thanks for sharing. Hope you're enjoying a moment of peace today.


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