A Guide to Magical Trees

I am going to give up the ghosts for a day or two. It is almost too beautiful and bright outside to look for death and the dead.  Even cemeteries seem cheerful when spring has decorated them with flowering trees and colorful flowers.  Spring is here and it is time to start gardening.   As you consider what to plant,  I thought that this guide to the magical properties of trees might help.   You can never be too careful when planting your garden and making sure you have the right trees is important.  The Celts believed that every tree and plant had particular properties and spirits.  Here is a brief guide for your spring planting needs.

Apple Tree:  The spirit of this tree holds the knowledge of eternal youth and beauty.  It will keep you young and good looking. 

Cedar Tree:  The tree brings protection and healing.   It also brings calm and balance to emotions and can make your dreams more vivid and more interesting.

Cherry Tree:  The cherry tree brings new awakening and wisdom.  It is associated with the phoenix and rebirth.

Oak  Tree:  The Oak is a very powerful tree and it gives great strength and endurance.  It is a tree of ancient knowledge and is  a doorway to the fairy world.   According to legend,  every acorn has its own fairy and bringing acorns into your home invites fairy into your life.  I'm assuming our house has many fairies because my sons fill their pockets with acorns all the time.

Pine Tree:  This tree is associated with water spirits and the ability to adapt to life.

Birch Tree:  Beginning, Youth, and Renewal

Ivy:  (I know this isn't a tree)  Determination

I got this list from several sources, but a fun online source you can look at to see all the plant's symbolic meanings and to learn a little more about the Celtic philosophy and how their writing system related to plants and the spirits of nature you can go to:  http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-meaning-of-symbolic-trees.html  .  Happy planting!


magikalseasons said…
My son's bring acorns inside too. I thought I saw something flying around the house. Now I know why some of my things go missing. Thanks for the link I'll have to check that out.
Anonymous said…
great post! i will also check out the link
Courtney Mroch said…
Fun break! Neat link share!

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