Finding Your Inner Psychic

Every ghost hunting team should have a good psychic.   Most things I have read on ghost hunting agree with this.  Of course,  psychics are rare.  Or at least,  people who advertise being psychic are rare.  Many people are psychic without knowing it.  They just have to develop their abilities and open up to it.  I went to a lecture on this topic a few months ago. It was interesting.  The psychic who was lecturing spoke about finding your spirit guide and developing your psychic ability.  She said she didn't discover her psychic abilities until later in life.  

My son and I discovered our untapped psychic ability while playing mastermind yesterday.   In mastermind,  you line up a series of 4 different pegs of different colors in 4 slots and hide them from your opponent.  Through process of elimination and logic your opponent uses pegs to determine what you have hidden from them.  A good player can determine their opponent's pegs color and arrangement in 4 or 5 moves.  My son and I were doing it on the first every time we played.  We just knew.  We have stopped playing each other.  Its boring now.  

So,  are you psychic?  I found this fun exercise to help exercise your psychic abilities in a book I've been reading. Try this exercise at home and see if you have some untapped psychic energy.

Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and sit comfortably.  Take a deep breath.   Feel a protective bubble of light surround you.  Let your eyes go out of focus as you concentrate.  When you are ready, focus your mind's eye on the images that are behind your eyelids.   What do you see?  It's possible you will not see anything at all, and if so, that's OK.  If you do see images, can their meanings be understood?  When you are ready, take a deep breath, exhale and return to consciousness in a positive relaxed mood.

Practice this exercise several times to see if you can see anything.  Do you see the future?  The past?  Images of someone else's life?  If you do,  maybe you are psychic.


Sharon Day said…
I truly everyone has the ability, but some people, because of the right conditions or the right exploration, come across the way they assimilate the information and interpret it. Sort of like when someone finds out they have dyslexia and then learn skills to compensate and a whole new world opens up. That exercise is a nice one. I have an interesting condition in that I have facial amnesia. I cannot for the life of me picture anyone I know's face, not even my son's, but when I see him in person, I know it's him, but I can't visualize it in my head. Yet, when I do remote viewing and psychic readings, I can pull up faces and describe them. I have a theory it has something to do with synesthesia. The mind is an amazing tool, but like learning to hold a pencil in a weird way, we can continue all our lives using it the way we learned as a kid and not explore new connections, like how to handle the pencil correctly.
Jessica Penot said…
That is interesting. Have you seen a neurologist about that? I would be interested to find out what causes that? You should read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. It is a great book that explains the complexities of the brain and the ways minor damage can create unique problems like you have. It is amazing how well you've adapted and how you've used your psychic powers to balance it out. I wonder if that is like a blind person who's hearing become more sensitive. Your unable to recognize faces so you have had to develop your psychic abilities and become more sensitive?
Julie Ferguson said…
Interesting, I will give it a try.

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