A Murder of Crows

Recently,  I blogged about the many ghosts of The University of North Alabama.   It is the most beautiful university in the state and it is also one of the most haunted locations in the state.   It is a place with a long history that seems to occupy some kind of magic space.  

This morning I found an article about the university that only seemed to add to the atmosphere of  mystery and shadow that circles this old university.  Apparently crows have been dying in swarms around the UNA campus.    According to the Times Daily,  15 crows were found dead on the streets on Thursday alone.   The Times Daily had the following to say about the odd occurence:

FLORENCE - A rash of crow deaths in Florence has caught the attention of health and wildlife officials.

Stevens said Vinny Grosso, animal control director for the city, alerted the Alabama Department of Public Health about the dead birds. Dr. Karen Landers, regional health officer for the agency, said her office is aware of the situation and has asked city officials to report any additional bird deaths.
"Any time there is an unusual occurrence with animals, we look into it to see if we need to do any further analysis," Landers said. "If needed, we will collect a specimen and send it to a testing lab for analysis."

The article went on to say that there is no known cause for the deaths at this time.   All of this got me thinking about locations and the power of certain locations.  Some places seem to draw energy in and are magnets for odd occurences.  I have to wonder, is Florence and UNA one of those places?  What brings such dramatic and odd events to this location?


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