The Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

I am leaving for the windy city tomorrow.   While I am there,  there are many things I would like to do and see.  The Biograph Theater is high on my list.   Another famous haunted place in Chicago is the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. 

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is an old cemetery.  It was built in 1844 and was  filled mostly with the bodies of poor imigrants brought in for cheap labor.  The cemetery hasn't been used in several decades.   For many years, it was vandalized and fell into disrepair. It has become known as one of the most haunted places in the world.  There are enough strange stories coming from this little cemetery to wallpaper the outside of my house with.   There have been many reports of strange red lights coming from the cemetery.  There are stories and photos taken of a ghostly woman sitting on a tombstone.   There have even been reports of a floating house that hovers above the graves at night.  Phantom cars vanish in the dark. 

The history of the cemetery is complicated by the small ponnd behind it.  This pond was a favorite dumping spot for corpses during the gangster period in Chicago history.  There are many ghosts that linger around this pond.  A two headed man and a glowing yellow man have both been seen wandering the boundaries of this little body of water.

The most famous ghost of  Bachelor's Grove is known as the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove.   She only appears on nights with a full moon and she wanders the cemetery with her baby son in her arms.   I'm hoping to be able to stop by this wonderful haunted location during my trip and if I am lucky,  I'll see a few ghosts.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I'm hoping to see wonders.


Sharon Day said…
When I was studying haunted places, the geology and conditions of this graveyard were ideal, and with death happening nearby...I would say of graveyards, it has a high probability to be haunted. Have a safe and fun trip!
Julie Ferguson said…
Looking forward to your pictures of the cemetery. It sounds like a great place to get awesome pictures of old cool headstones.
Jessica Penot said…
Autumn, I hope you are right about the geology. Hopefully, I will go tomorrow night.
Pam Morris said…
really looking forward to hearing about this trip and this cemetery!

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