Ghosts in Art

Ghost, Cam de Leon

At its core, the desire to find ghosts and understand the paranormal world is driven by the desire to understand death and what happends after death.  It is fueled by a primal need to know what is unknown to us and to make sense of forces we can't understand.  Paranormal researchers and ghost hunters try to use science to explain and define the after life in concrete terms and variables.   They try to make sense of the unexplainable.   But they are not the only ones to try to explain the other side or the world that comes after death.  Artists, poets, and philosophers have been trying to make sense of it for years.  Here are some of my favorite paintings of ghosts.  They are just a few of many that have attempted to understand the paranormal using paint and vision.


Ghosts are Crying Memories, Jodi Fallon

Ghosts IV



Anonymous said…
very cool! i love all the art you have here.
Courtney Mroch said…
I LOVE THIS POST!!!! I like to visit your blog anyway because of the writing, but also because of the marvelous visuals you provide. These are outstanding. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

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