The Room Where Time Moves Backwards

While I was out investigating various ghost stories,  a man pull me aside and told me a story he thinks may have something to do with ghosts.  He wasn't exactly sure what happened, but he knew it was very odd and more than a little creepy.

He told me about a hotel in some rural town in Alabama that he used to visit with his wife.  The hotel, The Tallahassee, was very old and has since been demolished.  For a long time this old hotel was one of his favorite places to go.   They went there one time and stayed in a room he had never been in before.  His wife and he settled in and then they noticed  that there was no clock.  They needed to get up early in the morning, so he called the lobby and asked for a clock to be sent up.

Someone brought a clock up immediately and they plugged it into the wall.   The clock was working perfectly, but it was going backwards.  Another hotel employee came up and together they went to another room and tried the clock.  It worked right in the next room.   Together, the men decided to switch clocks and took a working clock from the next room and brought it into their room.  They plugged the clock into a different outlet and this new clock also went backwards.

After several attempts, the man gave up on the clock.  He called down to the lobby again and asked for a wake up call.  There seemed to be no way to get time to flow in the right direction in that particular room.


Sharon Day said…
Jeez--wish he had a watch or a cell phone to see how it affected them. Very cool story. I've never heard anything like that before!
Courtney Mroch said…
Whoa, can you imagine??? Wish I could find a room to transport me back in time to my skinny days...LOL!

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