The Devilish Madame LaLaurie and Her Haunted Mansion

This is a famous ghost story and any google search will produce a plethora of conflicting information on this site. I first learned about this location on a haunted New Orleans tour and although parts or the story may be fiction, if even a portion of the story is true it is horrible. As on most such tours, I never saw anything to indicate a real haunting, but the story is horrifying enough.

According to haunted New Orleans tours and Haunted America, the LaLaurie Mansion is the most haunted site in New Orleans. Sources say that the house is filled with tormented screams and terrifying wails. They describe chains rattling at night and the apparitions in chains wandering the halls. The house has been many things since the famous Delphine de LaLaurie abandoned it, but it hasn't been anything for as it has been quickly abandoned by every resident afterwards. Some stories indicate that the ghosts here are aggressive and that they have attacked residents with whips and some even claim that multiple deaths have resulted from the hellish, supernatural residents of 1140 Royal Street.

The history of this mansion can only be confirmed to a point. It is known that Delphine LaLaurie was a wealthy, socialite who resided until 1833. Many accounts from contemporaries show that Madam LaLaurie was uncommonly cruel and beastly to her slaves, even for a time when cruelty to slaves was somewhat common. Following a kitchen fire in the house in 1833, the remains of over 100 dead slaves were found. After this, the evidence becomes weaker. Many sources indicate that firefighters entering the house found a room in the house in which slaves had been tortured in the most gruesome ways. It is said that some slaves had been subjected to many unnecessary surgeries and had had their sex organs removed, mutilated, or sewn onto other slaves. Other slaves had their mouths sewn shut with feces in them and their intestines removed and nailed to the floor. The list of atrocities goes on and on and are so vile that I shutter to even write about them.

Whether the more gruesome elements of this story are true or not, it is true that LaLaurie was a beast and a serial killer and that reports continue that this house is tormented by constant ghosts and spirits. Anyone curious about this house will be easily appeased, as it is a regular part of all haunted New Orleans tours and the guides stories about the house are beyond chilling.  However,  the house's inability to maintain an owner still remains a problem.  Nicolas Cage bought the house in 2007 and it was foreclosed on in 2008.  The house is still vacant and owned by the bank.


Sharon Day said…
Man, talk about a great foreclosure to buy! I did research on a formula I invented for commonalities in haunted places last summer and this location scored 6/6 on the score sheet and was #17 on a list of 50 random haunted places I chose. Not bad. It has the elements from construction to geology, history to waterways and train tracks. It seems like it would be a great place to imprint a haunting. I've love to go in there and feel the walls and floors. The things I could read from it--especially the attic. Great writeup--this is truly creepy!
Courtney Mroch said…
What was it with mean women through history? I think of her story, the lady at Rose Hall (is that the right Jamaica I think it is), and the Blood Countess. Wonder if they're all related? They share so many of the same mean characteristics!
jrcolle1975 said…
I just took part in one of the New Orleans ghost tours last month which we by the Lalaurie Mansion and told of bad luck of past owners of this haunted location, namely Nicholas Cage who was foreclosed on after his financial woes began. Supposedly he would not even stay alone in the home overnight. The newest owner is none other than Johnny Depp. Many eerie stories surround it to this day .
jrcolle1975 said…
One more interesting little tidbit... soon after Lalaurie and her husband (who was a defunct or self proclaimed surgeon) fled to Europe is when Jack the Ripper began his terrorism of London.
jrcolle1975 said…
And no connection to Rose Hall or Blood Countess that I have found.

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