Through an Animal's Eyes: Do Animals See What We Can Not?

A coworker of mine told me a story today.  She grew up with her grandparents on a farm in rural Alabama.  Her grandfather spent a lot of time in the fields working with his mule team.  According to her, her grandfather was out working one day and the mules went crazy.  They stopped working and tried to break free from their constraints and run away.  They knocked her grandfather over in their frantic attempts to escape their bonds.  The mules were terrified.  They were acting as if they had seen a wolf or the dead.  

Her grandfather went home and told the story to his wife.  Her grandmother listened solemnly to her husband's story of mad mules and placed quiet hand on her huband's shoulder.   She had more important news to convey.   While he had been out working in the fields,  his brother had died.  In fact,  he had past away at the exact moment the mules had gone mad.

It has always been the family's assumption that her grandfather's brother had come to say goodbye to him in ghost form and the animals had seen the ghost.   I have heard many stories like this and the more ghost stories I read and tell the more I hear about animals sensing the supernatural world more profoundly and more deeply than people do.   In many ghost stories,  it is the dog or the cat that starts to go crazy first.  It is as if they see a world we can't see.

In several of the stories I have put on this blog the haunting begins with animals acting out.  In the famous haunting on Larabee Street, the cat acted so wildly after they moved into their haunted house they got rid of the cat.  In the televison show called, The Haunted, animal planet explores the connection between animals and the supernatural.  In a recent episode, a woman who owned a horse farm swears up and down that her horses were the first to know that the farm was haunted.  There are many psychics and paranormal experts that insist that animals see what we can not and my coworker's story is not the first I've heard of animals reacting to hauntings, so if your animal is going crazy maybe it's because your house is haunted!


Unknown said…
I think that is so true! Animals do notice and react to things we cannot sense. On the other hand, I have encountered "ghost cats" throughout my life. Often it would sit on the end of my bed, just like you would feel a cat settle in.
Jessica Penot said…
I read a couple articles on spirit animals when I was researching this one. Apparently, they are pretty common.
Sharon Day said…
When we first moved into Aspen Grove when I was a toddler, my mother said she would hear the booted footsteps at night and it would unsettle her, but she was afraid to tell my father and have him think she was crazy. So, for months they never spoke of it. Then, one day the were in the living room and our faithful Collie/German Sheperd mix dog, King, began to growl and his hair stood way up on end, his tail tucked in, and the snarled and lowered down on his forelegs, seeming to lunge and try to grab at something. He started to pull backwards as if he had something in his teeth and was dragging it. He exerted himself hard to do this. My parents watched in horror. Suddenly, he leapt back and whimpered as if kicked, raced out the screen door, and hid underneath the house. He wouldn't come out for days. Eventually, they let him be an outside dog and made him a warm place to stay in the wintertime. He refused to come into the house ever again. I still say, take a dog with you on a hunt. They are exceptionally acutely aware.

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