The St. James Hotel

I am very excited about tonight's haunted location.   It is an old hotel in Selma, Alabama called the St. James Hotel.  It is a beautiful ante-bellum hotel that was built in 1837.  It has 43 rooms and suites some of which have private, wrought-iron balconies, whirlpool tubs and fireplaces.  
The St. James Hotel was originally called the Brantly Hotel and has some of the most interesting history in Alabama.   The Union Army occupied it during the civil war and it was saved from being burned like the rest of Selma because of this.  After the war it was owned by Benjamin S. Tower who was the frist African American Congressman.  The notorious outlaws Jesse and Frank James made this hotel their headquarters for a considerable amount of time.  After 1892, Selma had some very difficult economic times and the hotel was shut down.  It was 100 years before the hotel was rediscovered.

In the 1990's a group of investors began a project to restore Selma and the St. James Hotel was part of this project.   Unbeknownst to them, the hotel was still occupied by some guests that had no intention of leaving.
Since the reopening of this hotel there have been multiple manifestations.   The hotel appears to haunted by Jesse James,  Jesse's girlfriend Lucinda, and a phantom dog that may have belonged to Jesse.   

The most haunted part of the hotel seems to be the inner courtyard area where odd, unexplainable sounds have been heard, barking dogs have been heard, and apparitions have been seen by psychics.   Room 304 has also been the source of many odd lights and strange voices.  An entity behind the bar often clangs glasses together and the St. James Drinking room has been haunted by the ghost of an older man wearing a hat.  A psychic research team did some EVP recordings in the ballroom and asked if anyone was there.  A voice responded, "That's a stupid question."   Several psychic groups have confirmed that this location is haunted.

I am most excited about this find because I have been able to book a room here and will be staying in room 301, Jesse Jame's old room.  I can't wait to spend the night and see what ghosts come to see me!  Expect more on this wonderful hotel after I've spent a night there.


Sharon Day said…
Oh boy! Oh Boy! (Clapping and jumping up and down like Herman Munster). That sounds like a blast! What a find! If walls could talk...imagine what it would say. I was hoping to do a post here very soon about how the human body can be used as a tool in investigations. There's a lot of obvious sensations folks get, but when you want to find a "hot spot," the easiest way is to walk around the room until you stop. The sensation will be exactly like when you walk through your home and stop because you forgot what you were going to retrieve. That sort of "trying to recall" sensation is a giveaway that the spot you're in is significant. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
Jessica Penot said…
I'll remember that as I explore. I have my ghost hunting kit coming next week so I'll probably hit a few haunted locations next week too and that advice will be very useful.
Anonymous said…
Do you get paid if you can spend the while night in room 301?
Jessica Penot said…
Sadly no, you have to pay for the room like any other.

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