Possessed Computer

I had plans for a brilliant story today.  I began work on it this afternoon and as I was uploading several stories I found a wonderful picture taken of a ghost.   Of course,  at that moment as I gazed at this amazing picture in slack-jawed awe, my computer crashed and I have spent the rest of my day trying to get it to work again.   It is my story that my computer was possessed by the ghost.  It is much more probable that it was possessed by some wretched hacker and infested by several worms.  However,  my story for tonight remains that my computer was possessed by a ghost.


Sharon Day said…
I've found the best exorcism for these conditions is to beat it upside the CPU and slam your fingers on the keyboard. Oh, and then call the Geek Squad. :-)
Jessica Penot said…
In the end, I had to call the geek squad. The cursing and beating wasn't as successful as I had hoped.

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