THe Newton-Allaire House in Cheboygan Michigan

Tonight's story is a personal one.  The most haunted place I have ever visited is my family home, the Newton-Allaire house in Cheboygan, Michigan.  This house has been in my family for almost 150 years.  As long as I have been alive, it has been the residence of my grandmother and my great-aunt.  Recently they both departed the home leaving it empty.   The house itself is a beautiful 8 bedroom Victorian  within walking distance of the down town.  My grandmother spent much of her life painstakingly restoring the house so that it is as historically acurate as possible.   She often speaks of the house as a person and loves it as if it were her child.

This seems appropriate to me, because the house has always seemed alive and the house has always been alive with ghost stories.   My father once told me that there was a spot in the house that turned ice cold at midnight.   At night, the house is filled with odd noises and bizarre lights.   One of the last times I stayed there, I was awoken int he middle night to find my night table shaking and what sounded like a train passed through my room.  My mom says she awoke one morning to find a ghost holding her hand.   The same trip that I awoke to the loud noises, I had travelled to a wedding as well.  My wedding clothes were carefully nestled at the bottom of my suitecase.   I never used them during my stay at the house and I never touched them, however after I left,  my family found them laid out in an unused room.  They were laid out like someone was going to wear them.

When I was little several sets of family photos came back from the house filled with white blobs.   My parents, reluctant to believe in ghosts, tossed the photos and blamed it on bad photography, but I always knew the house was filled with the ghosts of our family.  The house was alive with them and I think that is why I never wanted to leave.   I still miss it and I often hope the ghosts aren't too lonely.


onewhoknows said…
Nice Try Jessica! -- If what you really want is to keep this house - contact the Real Estate Agent and put your money where your mouth is ---and buy it --- Your blog on the house is a HOOT and a load of BS to BOOT. -- And how many times have you really been there? -- Signed - Ones Who Knows!
marcus said…
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Unknown said…
Think this house was built with proceeds from selling liquor to the straits indians after running the Mormons who did not drink at all from Beaver Island.
It was an illicit trade not good for the indian community who at that time were being robbed left and right by the white man of their land and possesions,the Newtons with cheap alcohol took their independence and dignity
Anonymous said…
Hi Jessica,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Cheboygan to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Jamie said…
Jessica, I have been looking for more info on this house. My great great grandparents were Allaires and I have been trying to figure out if they had any connection to this house. There names were Joseph and Marie Allaire.
Anonymous said…
Ive heard so much about this house, if only it were still on the market.
JulzB said…
I've had the pleasure of staying in this beautiful home. My sister is married to the great-great grandson, who is now purchasing the home from family.
I will tell u that this house is haunted, saw strange shooting lights and white orbs in photos that I took. And one room almost always comes out "smokey" on my phone camera and also my sister's expensive Nikon. Also, with my phone and her camera, the flash will never work when trying to take an outside pic of it at night.
All that said, the ghosts in this place are warm and friendly and u always have a feeling of peace in this place!
Sooooo, take that! pjk624!!!!!!!
JulzB said…
I had the pleasure of staying in this house. My sister married the great-great grandson of the man who built this home, and is now purchasing it from family.
I will tell u that this house is haunted. I had shooting lights and white orbs in my photos, and there is one room that almost always photographs "smokey" on my phone camera and my sister's expensive Nikon. And neither camera will flash when trying to take an outside pic at night. And other instances, also.
All that said, this is a warm and friendly and peaceful place!
Soooo, take that, pjk624!!!!!!
Jessica Penot said…
PJK. I am not sure who you are, but my grandmother lived in this house for most of her life. I spent all my summers here when I wasn't with my father as a girl. My mother and her sister owned the house until it was recently sold to a second cousin who is also connected with the family. My family has been there since it was built. My grandmother and her sister, Kathleen and Miriam, lived there for my entire childhood. Before them my grandmother lived there. I am happy with how the house sold because it sold to family members who care about the place, but it is haunted and always has been. We all know the stories.
Pjk624 maybe you should have a cup of shut the ........ up and keep it more positive! That's a good story and I know the area very well

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