Ghost Pictures

Sadly, I missed a day of blogging yesterday and to make ammends for my missing ghost story I went wandering in the woods in the freezing cold in search of an old, abandoned cementary.   The cementary is about one hundred years old and is almost completely forgotten.  For an avid hiker seeing small cementaries in the wilderness is not that uncommon of an experience.  I had been to this one before and with my new ghost story blog in mind,  I drug my family out into the darkness, turned the flash off the camera, turned off the flashlights, and took pictures of the cementery.  I then turned the flash back on and took pictures with the light of the flash.   I have included both sets of shots here.  I can account for some lights in the distance that belong to houses, but the rest I'm not sure about.  I'll leave it to my readers to decide.


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